Dearest grooms, we know that you can easily leave wedding duties like decor, food and even clothes on your family and friends but the one thing which only YOU can do is perfectly grooming of your beard. After all, who wouldn’t like a well-groomed beard on one of the most important days of their lives? So, to ensure that you look your best on your D-day, we have come up with a complete guide of beard grooming for the wedding with all the tips and hacks you can try. Get ready to take notes y’all because there’s a lot for you to take in! 

Best Beard Grooming Ideas For Intimate Wedding

Hack #1: Take Note of the Right Direction You Shave

It is common to shave in one particular direction for men but its time you start taking note of the right direction of your beard growth and shave it in that order only guys. If you shave in the wrong direction, the next time that beard grows, you’re gonna be really unhappy about your look. That’s why we say that you take note of the right direction so that by the time your wedding comes, you’re all set to look dapper just like these real grooms looked on their wedding day! 

Tip #2: Oil That Beard Guys!

If you’ve never invested in beard oil before, then it’s time you do guys. Beard oil will give the nourishment that your beard requires for proper growth, texture (yes it is a thing) and look. After you’ve applied oil to your beard a few times, you will start seeing the difference on your own!

Trick #3: A Good Moisturiser Goes A Long Way

Just like you have your shampoo and your conditioner for your hair, you need to get a good moisturiser for your beard too guys. A good moisturiser will ensure that your hair is smooth and the skin is soft and acne-free. Plus, with winters coming, a moisturiser is literally an essential item for you. This is one of our top beard grooming ideas and we know once you try it, you ain’t gonna stop! 

Hack #4: Heat Water Massage Every Once In A While

Guys, your face’s pores need to open and breath every once in a while and nothing does that better than either a hot water massage or a facial. One session every once in a month or a week (if you really want to be particular) can do wonders to your skin and by the time your wedding date nears, you’ll start witnessing the grooming of the beard happen! 

Tip #5: Combing is a Must

If you haven’t been combing your beard already then we say you get into it like right now, guys. Combing is a must and you shouldn’t do it with a regular comb but instead invest in a beard comb. Combing every day will stop your beard from getting those tangles and will help you get a well-structured growth.

Trick #6: Match That Beard To Your Face Cut

Grooms-to-be, we know that it is a super difficult choice to decide on a certain looking beard especially when we see so many kinds of dapper-looking grooms with different beards but we say that you should focus on your face structure and match your beard according to that. Choose a style that compliments you so that you look like a complete hottie on your wedding day

Hack #7: Be Patient Y’all

Resist the urge to shave and let your beard grow. Also, leave it untouched; do not go around trimming or fixing a few hairs here and there. Every guy’s facial hair grows at its own speed and if you meddle while it's growing, you can have your beard going in the wrong direction, trigger the thickness and what not. Focus on other wedding stuff and once you feel your beard is grown enough, then get to the grooming part. 

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Tip #8: Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

What you eat, how often you exercise and how you sleep affects a lot and it also affects the growth of your facial hair. If you’re taking your vitamins, sleeping well and exercising now and then, we know you’re gonna have the look that you’ve wanted for your wedding day but if you’re planning on just ‘going with the flow’ then even the above-mentioned grooming ideas won’t work guys. Remember, it is super important to lead a healthy lifestyle!


Do you find these beard grooming ideas for your wedding day helpful guys? Tell us in the comments section below!

Grooms, Here's A Complete Guide of Beard Grooming For Your Winter Intimate Wedding!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Grooms, Here's A Complete Guide of Beard Grooming For Your Winter Intimate Wedding!