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Divya Bhasin, 12 Feb 2015

When it comes to your wedding all you need is the Perfect Destination and Theme, so here we came up with a wedding theme which may include your Dream Destination.


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PERFECT BEACH WEDDING: Actor Kunal Kapoor and Big B's niece Naina Bachchan was set in idyllic Seychelles, Africa on February 9 2015.

Kunal weds Naina

Here are some tips for your own dream wedding

No extravaganza affair can replace a simple and sober beach wedding. All classy-with no ‘pomp and show’.  Soft music and wine. The waves kissing the toes gently and the wind in the hair, this is probably one of the most romantic wedding themes.


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Perfect Toast

Music that will make you fall in love

For this wedding, all we need is a beautiful beach or waterfront. If planning to get married in India then the beaches which must be considered are: Varkala Beach, Kerela; Arambol Beach, Goa; Marari Beach, Kerela; Bangaram Island Beach, Lakshwadeep and if you’re planning to tie the knot abroad then you should definitely check these beaches out; Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Mile Beach, Jamaica; Baia do Sancho, Brazil; Paradise Beach, Greece.


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Perfect place to have after wedding food with your bride

Ground table arrangement 

Table Decor

Table decor for guest 

Thousand lights in the sky for your happy moment 

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Shoes Optional for Guest

Beach wedding requires minimum decoration, as nature is itself very pretty and it needs no embellishments. All we need is chairs and tables for the guests and a beautiful little tent for the ceremony.


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Keep yourself Simple

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‘Keep it simple silly’. This kind of a wedding requires minimum makeup and jewelry. A Simple, white, figure hugging gown or a little white dress will be enough for the bride. Diamond studs for the ears, a platinum chain as a necklace, bracelet and anklet, a floral headgear and the bride is good to go. The groom can wear anything from a tuxedo to simple cargo pants and a shirt. The simpler the better.


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Starfish Cupcakes

Heart shape sea cookie

Sea food cup

Chocolate strawberry mini cakes


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Food is one of the most important parts of this theme. Cocktails like flavored rums and vodkas, fresh fruit juices, fresh fruit smoothies or ice blended drinks can be served. Appetizers can include Sushi, Mini crab cakes, iced oysters, Sun-dried tomato bread etc. Desserts can include Chocolate covered strawberries, Lemon cookies, Coconut cream pie etc.


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Soft instrumental music in the background is very appealing. Ballroom dance by the bride and the groom and all the guests is all that we need to make this wedding happening.

This was "The Beach Theme" inspiration and ideas for your wedding.. Watch out for more on wedding planning.

Writing credit: Kavita Charan

Source: Pinterest