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#Trending: Why Get Clicked In Bridal Room When You Have The Bathtub?

Anupriya Khanna, 03 Dec 2019

Yes, you read that right! A bridal shoot in the bathtub is a trend all new-age brides are swearing by. And it looks super cool & modern! Just imagine you’re sitting in the middle of that squeaky clean bathtub, sipping your favourite wine & beating the pre-wedding blues just by being yourself & posing candidly! Sounds fun? Well, let’s make it even better for you! Here are some quirky yet relaxing photos of brides chilling in the bathtub minutes before walking down the aisle. Take cues from them and make your pre-wedding shenanigans stress-free & fun! Also, don’t forget to add these chilled-out photos in your wedding album as well.

Real Brides Who Approved The Bathtub Photoshoot Trend!


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