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Basic Things to Know after you've decided of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Surbhi Gupta, 26 Mar 2018

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Shortlisted many wedding vendors, spoken to a few, finalized one and think that your job of wedding planning is over? Well, you are mistaken, my friend! If you aren’t aware of the event planning basics yourself, there are chances of you not only being left unsatisfied but even duped.

When not handled efficiently, wedding planners can be a nightmare. In order to coordinate with them in a hassle free way, you need to know a few essentials yourself. That's when our job begins; in helping you do your homework well before you hand over an advance check to the wedding planner. Let's check out what are the basics:

1. Keep the communication transparent

This is literally the first and the foremost thing to do. Communicate every nitty gritty detail you expect from the planner to do for your wedding. Arrange a long meeting where you are discussing your expectations, your budget, your concerns and your idea of a perfect wedding. 

Pro Tip: If the planner seems to get annoyed by your questions or concerns, consider a few more options. This is their job and if they're trying to escape this, they're simply not that efficient. Good planners have justifications and ability to make their clients feel comfortable and satisfied.

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2. Give them a budget slightly lower than you've planned to invest in

Planning weddings is a stressful experience and you don’t want to make it worse by spending more money than you planned to. It will be a good idea to give the wedding vendor a budget lower than the actual. There will always be some unseen expenses during the process, it's necessary to keep some margin in hand. Also, as the wedding excitement sets in, we tend to initially go overboard leaving us with little expenses to splurge on later. So, it will be wise to spend less initially and go bigger from there.

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3. Avoid hiring planner friends, family or acquaintances

While hiring a family or friend to plan your wedding may seem like a great idea, it may not be so fruitful in the long run. A lot of fundamentals need to be discussed with the wedding planner and there is a definite probability of conversations getting heated. Things might not only get uncomfortable but there is also a possibility of them not delivering what their alliance promised. The chances of your relationship getting awkward with them during the process are quite predictable.

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4. Make sure the decor is not repetitive as their previous projects

Many event planners use the same decor repetitively for back to back commitments. Not only does it save them the cost but it also requires less effort. You don’t want your wedding to look exactly like the 10 other weddings happening in town. When you discuss the arrangement make sure you check with him what props will he precisely be using?

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5. Don’t have unrealistic expectations

No matter who the event planner is, no event planner will give you an extraordinary event on an ordinary budget. They might have promised you more but you will ultimately receive what you paid for. Don’t set high expectations for yourself and feel sorry later.

Hiring a wedding planner is not as easy as it may sound to be but it wouldn't be as difficult if you follow these basic practices.

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Know any more things to keep in mind while hiring a wedding planner? Tell us in the comments below!

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