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Band or DJ? Here go 10 Fun Musical Entertainment Ideas for Your Wedding!

Veethi Telang, 24 Nov 2015

It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. No kidding! A wedding with no music is a total dud, and so, it’s imperative that you make your choice wisely. Now, the thing with entertainment is, it’s very subjective. For instance, there’s not a single kid who wouldn’t love a dance floor and a DJ playing their favorite Bollywood numbers. The drawback of this choice, however, is facing the wrath of the oldies. You don’t want to convert your wedding into a “Ganpati procession” now, do you (I’m going to hell for saying this!). Therefore, we thought we’d present to you some awesome entertainment options that’d float the boat of all present at your wedding. Look and book!



Quaint, attractive, and highly traditional, the Shehnai adds a royal touch to your wedding. Simply seat a group of Shehnai players at a corner, and let them set the mood for the evening.

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Got a horde of bathroom singers in your clan? Here’s your chance to pull them out in the open! Install a Karaoke setup at the wedding, and for two or three hours, let your cousins, uncles and aunts take center stage and showcase their talent to the guests.

Flash Mobs

Wedding salad

Picture Credits: The Wedding Salad We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Nothing makes your wedding more electrifying than a sudden flash mob featuring your uncles, aunts, friends, and cousins on a popular Bollywood number. Your guests are going to love this idea! Remember to tell your videographer to record it though.

Live Band


Picture Credits: Coverflowband Add a nice, elegant touch to your wedding by having a live band play both new-age as well as old numbers that truly up the entertainment ante at your wedding. Have them take requests too, so that your guests are left happy and content.


This one’s for those belonging to a defense background! Adding a classy touch to your wedding reception is a band of Scottish bagpipers. Imagine yourself entering the stage area with your beau by your side, both of you walking together at the tune of the bagpipes. Tresclasse!

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Picture credits: Highdesertmandolins Nothing beats the good ol’ soft instrumental music playing in the background, eh? Whether it’s the evergreen Kishore Kumar or Mohd. Rafi numbers on Piano, or some unknown tunes on the flute or the guitar, there’s a sense of unmatched serenity that instrumental music creates in the ambiance.

Folk fusion

How about rocking the house, folk style? Add a traditional touch to your wedding by bringing to life your roots. Whether in the form of a folk cover band or a dance troupe, let the guests get a dose of your roots and marvel in awe.

Bollywood Artists

Stories By Joseph Radhik

Picture Credits: Stories By Joseph Radhik Those with pretty big bucks in the bank can really make the most of this one! Get a popular Bollywood singer to perform at your wedding, for believe us, that’s going to be one performance your guests are going to remember for years to come. From Arijit Singh to Shreya Ghoshal or even Pankaj Udhas or Sonu Nigam – it all depends on how much moolah you can shell!

Dhol Tasha


Picture Credits: Namit Narlawar Photography A kickass way to bring all the youngsters and oldies together is to bring the house down with dhol tashas. Slow beats or fast, there’s truly something about the energy they create with their rhythm that has even the most reluctant of people to toss their shoes away and start dancing!

Musical Comedy


If you attended AIB’s Geetmala at the NH7 Weekender last year, you know how awesome a musical comedy show can be! A musical comedy group ensures that your guests are laughing all the way they’re humming to their favourite tunes. A great way to energise the ambiance, don’t you think?

Featured Picture Credits: Candid Wedding Stories

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