How many of you have gone to other bachelor parties and felt that my bachelor party HAS to be better than this one? If you’re nodding and remembering all those times when you did it, then you are at the right place. We will never let a bride-to-be or even a groom-to-be settle for an average party and to make sure that your party has all the must-haves and that your bachelor party can crush other bachelor parties, we have come up with a few tips you’ll swear by for years to come!

Organizing a bachelors party is undoubtedly a huge undertaking but, with the help of these tips and hacks, we’re sure that you’re going to have one helluva gala time. So start taking notes!

Create the Hype

Weddings these days are all about pompous celebrations and being extra which is why creating that much-needed hype about the party will get people excited already. Come up with the most kick-ass save the date invites and party invites for the bachelor party. Don’t think twice before throwing in goodies for the crazy crowd. Make them feel like this is the party to be at!! If people are already talking about the party from the invites, you my friend then have already achieved half the victory!

Come Up With the Insane-st Theme

You won’t be getting married again so it’s time you live your days to the fullest and come up with the most crazy and exciting theme for the party. We recommend getting as weird as you can for this one. Go for themes like ‘Bollywood’ where everybody can be a star for a night or host a ‘Hangover’ like party where there are no boundaries, whatsoever. Let your imagination wander and throw a party that makes it down into history. Also, recently a bride, Kareen Malhotra had an amazing flamingo themed Bachelorette in Bali which absolutely made us go gaga over it.

Let the Games Begin!

No kick-ass party is complete without a round of games to add spice. Get as creative as you can with this one and come up with games which will work for both the bride and the groom’s squad. Take help from the other side (groom/bride’s friends) because they are in it as much as you are. You can make the crowd go gaga over games like- pop the cherry (a game with martini glasses, whipped cream, and cherries), never have I ever (with a bridal twist), Khoi bag (filled with adult stuff, of course) and a quiz about the bride and groom. We promise that your party will be the talk of the town for years to come.

Some Mixin’ Hurt Nobody

All you alcohol lovers, it’s time to show your real skills for the party. Come up with quirky cocktails which are theme-centric. Create mind-blowing LIITs, G&Ts, old-fashioned and what not. Bring out the bartender in you to get all the party people to consume copious amount of alcohol because let’s face it; no party is a big hit if people are going to bed sober.

Picture Perfect

Have a quirky photo booth at the party and let people get all goofy and wild there. These vintage photo booth photos of the splendid night are the ones that you’re going to reminisce over forever and even the guests would have something to take back from the night. Your party should be in the hearts of all the people who were part of it.

It’s Finger-Lickin' Good

Let’s face it guys,  Indian weddings are all about delectable food and since it’s your bachelors, a scrumptious and eye-pleasing kinda food spread along with all that wine and booze is a must. Also, having dishes that are centered around your party theme are surely gonna get you some brownie points. From tummy-filling appetizers to varied desserts make sure to have your food game on point!

Party Favors

Party and wedding favors have been an “in thing” for a while now which makes it all the more necessary for you have goodie or favor bags for your guests. Stuff the goodie hamper with essentials like a small hangover kit, granola bars, and mints and cutesy favors like scented candles, bow ties, lip balms and of course an adorable thank you note for the guests. They’re sure gonna feel all loved and cared for. This goodie hamper should be very personal and practical; things which your lovely guests can use even after years.


So what are you waiting for? Tag your best buds and ask them to make this happen for you!

Tips & Hacks to Hosting the Most Kick-Ass Bachelorette/Bachelor's Party Ever!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Tips & Hacks to Hosting the Most Kick-Ass Bachelorette/Bachelor's Party Ever!