15 Amazingly Unique & New Baaju Bandh Designs For Brides

Shivani Singh, 02 Jul 2020

Every bride needs a statement jewellery piece that can make her stand out on every function of her wedding. Whether they choose a stunning choker necklace or a Bollywood style maang tikka, every such piece of her jewellery is bound to leave people mesmerised. One such accessory that we LOVE is the good old, traditional baaju bandh. 

Being one of the most coveted jewellery pieces, especially by South Indian brides, Baaju bands have been a mandate for bridal accessories. Also known as vanki in the Southern states of India and armlets by others around the world,  brides usually wear a different style of baaju bandh for different functions. And if you're looking for some bridal jewellery inspo then scroll down and start pinning some of the most beautiful baaju bandhs/ armlets, 

Baaju Bandh Designs For Brides

We're living for this bride's gorgeous blouse design paired with an ornate yet dainty baaju bandh!

Diamonds are every girl's best friends they say. And that emerald encrusted, diamond armlet makes a fine piece.

Now that is one ornamental baaju bandh no bride would ever refuse!

Add a little colour and sparkle to your ensemble with a ruby baaju bandh like this.

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Here's a unique Vanki design with chains for brides.

This glittering band of gold is an armlet that can be worn on any occasion. 

This vanki design is a classic. It is delicate and can be chosen in plain gold, stone studded or however, it works for your saree.

Want to wear a baaju bandh but nothing too OTT? Then pin this one now!

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If you are going for a classic look, then this is the vanki you should choose.  

Quaint, gold and with a glistening red ruby in the centre, this baaju bandh is a simple yet elegant choice. 

Adding more glam to this classic vanki is the heavy amulet right in its centre, which looks regal yet maintains it's delicate form. 

Probably one of the most favourite baaju bandhs we've seen on a bride, this one is worth pinning!

If you're the modern bride looking for a kundan armlet, then this might just be for you. 

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There are only two words that describe this one the best: traditional and elegant!

Yet another swoonworthy design for voguish brides, this armlet with a large kundans, pearls and rubies is just plain gorgeous!


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