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The Ultimate Guide to Avoid Wardrobe Malfunction at Your Wedding

Bhavika Vallecha, 30 Oct 2018

With our emails flooding with hundreds of wedding submissions on a daily basis, we witness a lot of brides, grooms, and guests with their best wedding fashion foot forward or maybe not always. Being the detail pullers that we are, we not only spot the best at all times but also encounter some disasters that shouldn’t have been caught on camera—especially not when it’s your own wedding.

Be it poorly draped dupattas, running makeup, ill-fitted footwear, abruptly tied lehengas, it all needs to be addressed when it comes to avoiding wardrobe malfunctions. And rightly so, we're here to have your back to fix any glitches that you may face.

Dear brides, bridesmaids and everyone attending a wedding, we’re creating this very basic yet a fundamental rulebook that’ll ensure you don’t become a victim of unwanted peek-a-boos and wedding fashion fails this Shaadi season.

Tips to Avoid Wardrobe Malfunction at Weddings

1. Lingerie Guide

Lingerie is, as you know, the most important garment who’s absence or presence can turn around your outfits from amazing to awful. It’s important how you wear your outfits with or without lingerie.

  • If your dresses are not padded, you ought to have a bra which is seamless, is lightly padded, has removable straps and is of the same color as that of your outfit or is in nude color.
  • Your lingerie/padding should not give peek-a-boos from your mesmerizing outfits. It's a big NO NO!
  • Choose comfortable and properly fitted panties to avoid getting a wedgie. You don't want that situation even in your worst nightmares.

2. Lehenga Guide

  • The skirt of your lehenga is the real deal maker of your wedding looks, so be certain of its perfection. Your lehenga must have a waistband hook & bar, a concealed zip and then a drawstring tie (just to hang those pretty latkans).
  • DO NOT rely on just the drawstring tie to hold your lehenga in place. It doesn’t only look untidy but it is also very uncomfortable. A broad waistband secured with a hook & bar looks tidy and structured.
  • Before taking the lehenga delivery make sure the embroideries do not have extra threads hanging out. In case they are, do not pull them, it will simply ruin your bridal lehenga. Cut them neatly with the scissors or just get it fixed by your designer.
  • If you tend to get irritation between the thighs because of friction it is advised to wear biker shorts under the lehenga to avoid discomfort and rashes.

3. Blouse Guide

It surely is a little piece of cloth but matters the most. We've heard horrifying incidences that blouses tend to give but you can always save yourself by being a little cautious. 

  • The fitting of your bridal blouse shouldn't be too tight or too loose, for obvious reasons. It should be just comfortable to pull off a 5-hour long wedding.
  • If you’re wearing plunging neckline (front or rear) make sure your blouses, dresses, kurtas or top wears are nicely padded with good quality padding.
  • DO NOT rely on just the hooks, make sure you have a concealed zip stitched on any one side of the blouse.
  • If you're wearing off-shoulder blouses, be certain of the fitting. It should fit just rightly on your shoulder to avoid and embarrassments of it drawing up like most off-shoulder tops.

4. Jewellery Guide

The jewellery is the most uncertain element of a wedding look. It can lose it's placement if not secured wisely (mostly waterfall earrings, maang tikkas, and matha pattis). 

  • If you're wearing a complex hairdo, avoid too many accessories to it, as it is most likely to add more weight to your hair, ultimately leading to uncomfortable or chaotic situations.
  • Always make sure your maang-tikka or matha patti is properly set in place before leaving the bridal room.
  • If you're wearing earrings that need to be attached with your hair, choose hairstyles that will conceal the ends of the earrings sturdily.
  • If you're afraid of losing gems or studs from your jewels, apply a coat of clear nail paint and just sit back. The rubies ain't going anywhere now!
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5. Makeup Guide

  • Wear your blouse before getting your bridal makeup done. You do not want to ruin your makeup by sliding the blouse over that 'gorg face.
  • ALWAYS wear a bathrobe or spread a towel over your blouse to avoid makeup stains.
  • Do not rub your eyes if you tend to cry just lightly dab your tears with a dry tissue or cotton napkin.
  • Choose matte makeup over glossy, always. Add that sheen with little dabs of highlighter and that is it.

6. Dress Rehearsal

Do a complete dress rehearsal a week before your final day always. Period. This will not only ensure you look like just how you imagined on your wedding day but also help you find any carps that need to be fixed before they create a catastrophe.

  • Make sure your lehenga zips, snap buttons and hooks are in place. 
  • The blouse fits well and the dupattas are just placed rightly.
  • The shoes are comfortable to walk in.
  • The jewellery is in the best condition with all nobs, ties, and locks.

7. Other things to take care

  • Don't sprit perfume from very close onto the clothes. Keep at least 10-15 inches of difference. Most fabrics tend to collect round perfume stains making the attire look awful.
  • Keep extra of almost everything in a bridal survival kit to fix any kind of last-minute mishaps.

*Wedding Wardrobe Malfunction Kit*

  1. Pair of mini scissors
  2. Fashion Tape or Double-sided adhesive
  3. Sewing Kit
  4. Safety pins
  5. Seamless underwear in a nude color
  6. Instant adhesive glue for jewellery fixes
  7. Extra pair of shoes
  8. A moisturizer to heal fabric rashes

The wedding is truly a very important and noteworthy event in a woman's life and nothing silly deserves even a corner during this beautiful celebration. So, keep these tips very handy and we're sure you're gonna look your wedding best, live and in photographs. Last but not the least, KEEP YOUR CALM! Panicking will only worsen the situations. Just Breathe In & Breathe Out!

Share your bridal stories (silly, fun, disastrous, perfect or howsoever) with us at '[email protected]', because we'd love to hear from you!

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