Avinash and Neelam's Pumped Up Pre-Wedding Shoot Inside A GYM!

Hitarthi Wadhwa, 25 Dec 2017

What happens when love grows among treadmills, dumbbells and weights? Of course, it turns out to be the fittest and enduring! Just like we always say pre-wedding shoots are so much more than mere posed pictures, couples these days prove it just rightly. 

Avinash & Neelam who met at the gym and trained together, have now decided on being each other's strength for the rest of their lives. 

Their pre-wedding shoot inside a gym is going to give 'Couple Goals' to every fitness freak couple. 

Getting Married?

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Getting Married?

Book Trusted Wedding Services from ShaadiSaga

Know Their Story

Avinash, who works in a financial firm dealing in foreign exchange market and Neelam, a software developer at Deloitte met in a gym for the first time and their story started like a typical Bollywood movie *How cute*. He approached her in a ‘Have I seen you before’ style and asked her whether she belonged to his school? But, little did he know that Neelam was a pass out from an all-girls school! *Facepalm*

Soon they connected on social media’s favourite, Facebook and the next obvious thing— The beginning of a sweet friendship! As time passed, their liking for each other grew and steadily became inseparable from each other. He was sure that she was his ever after.

Photography by Camera Crew

Location Courtesy: Life Gym, Kalyan