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#AskUsAnythingWeddings: Reception Outfit Inspirations, Groom Entry Ideas & More...

Bhavika Vallecha, 09 Nov 2017

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Real Brides Ask...

#1 I am the bride’s sister and I’m confused between adorning a lehenga or a gown? Please suggest.

Asked by Tanvi Madaan

Since you’re a bit healthy you can choose to wear a jacket lehenga or lehenga paired with a peplum blouse. Here are some inspirations:

Peplum Blouse With Lehenga

Jacket Lehenga

#2 How do I find the perfect bridal makeup artist?

Asked by Umema Khot

Well! You're just at the right place. Click here to find the best suitable makeup artist for you. 

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#3 Should I go for real jewellery or an artificial one for my wedding?

Asked by Nishita

If you've already bought a real jewellery set for your trousseau or you've got it from either side, you can probably wear that, but only if it suits your outfit well. Or else, we would suggest, you go for an artificial set as it is customisable,  has a lot of variants and is obviously a safer option. 

#4 Can you suggest some reception outfits for the bride?

Asked by Vrinda Karia

Our first choice would definitely be a gown. You can add a lot of volume by using cane-cane or else can have a long trail attached to it. Otherwise, you can wear a lehenga; choosing an offbeat colour selection such as teals, emeralds, indigos and greys.

Here are some inspirations:

Source Pinterest
Source Ridhi Mehra

#5 Can you suggest on which songs I can perform at my brother’s wedding?

Asked by Bafna Anjali

25 Ultimate Bollywood Songs For Ladkewaale To Set The Stage On Fire!

Wedding Playlist: 30 Ultimate Performance Worthy Songs From The 90's

#6 Have some unique entry ideas for the groom?

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Asked by Meet Gajjar

Of course, we have all that you could ask for.

Enter with Tashan: 12 Uber-Cool Ideas For Your Groom’s Baraat!

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