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#AskUsAnythingWeddings Makeup Special Series With Makeup Artist Anchal Kumar

ShaadiSaga, 11 Jan 2018

#AUAW Blog 12 (10.01.2018)

All the questions answered below are by one of our favorite makeup artists, Anchal Kumar.

#1 I have a dusky complexion. Which lipstick shades should I go for?

Asked by Nehaa Sandhu

Dusky complexion is my favorite to work with. My 3 favorites are MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Chili, and MAC Mocha. Do make sure to test them before you buy them from the store.

Source Nykaa

Mac Ruby Woo | Mac Chilly | Mac Mocha 

#2 What kind of makeup should I choose, if I have an oval shaped face?

Asked by Preeti Jangid

If you have an oval face shape, we suggest you to not do anything with it. It is one of the perfect shapes to work with. The only thing which might not work for you is a double chin. In that case, you can contour slightly over the doubled area. 

How to know my face shape?

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#3 Should I go for airbrush makeup in winters?

Asked by Fizargar

In winters, since the skin gets dry, it is not advisable to go for airbrush makeup as it has a tendency to make the skin even drier.

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#4 How to make sure that the makeup stays on for a longer time?

Asked by Khadijaa Siddiqui

The key to make sure that the makeup stays for a long time is to use a primer and always set your foundation with a translucent powder.

#5 Which foundation is good for oily skin?

Asked by Dolly Patel Chaudhari

If you have oily skin, you should go for an oil-free foundation. One or two foundations that you can try are MAC Studio Fix Fluid and L'Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation

[1] Source Nykaa [2] Source L'Oreal

#6 I have a sensitive skin. What products should I go for?

Asked by Mukta

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If you have sensitive skin, we suggest you to go for a patch test of the product you want to work with. Because there is a difference in it being sensitive and allergic. If it feels itchy and goes away after a few minutes, that means it is just getting used to your skin. But if it starts to burn, you are allergic to the product.

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