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#AskUsAnythingWeddings: Bridal Makeup Fuss, Winter Bride's Outfit Guide & More...

Bhavika Vallecha, 16 Nov 2017

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Real Brides Ask...

#1 I’m wearing a light lehenga on my friend’s engagement. What should I wear to her wedding?

Asked by Aanchal Kanotra

Since you’re already wearing a lehenge for her wedding, it would be a wiser choice to go for a saree as it looks absolutely stunning on bridesmaids for the wedding function.  

#2 How to choose a wedding photographer?

Asked by Arun Raj

Well, your query has been solved! Read this— How To Choose A Wedding Photographer For Your Special Day?

#3 I don’t have a chubby face. Should I go for contouring or not?

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Asked by Faizah Akmal

A little contouring on the top notches of your face—bridge of the nose, cheekbones, and jawline, won't do any harm. But it is also advisable to consult your respective makeup artists.  

#4 What kind of lehenga should a thin bride wear?

Asked by Rachita Sharma 

Don’t freak out! Read How To Pick The Right Lehenga (AND Blouse Style!) According To Your Body Shape

#5 What should I do to look fresh on sangeet and my wedding day?

Asked by Juhi Jain

First of all, don’t stress too much, take a beauty sleep, indulge in healthy eating and drink lots of water. If you’re worried about the wedding planning, delegate tasks to friends and cousins accordingly.

#6 I have my wedding in February. What fabric should I go for my bridal lehenga?

Asked by Ishita Gupta

Fabrics like silk, brocade and velvet go perfectly for a winter wedding. Additionally, you can choose to wear a full sleeves blouse or opt for a jacket lehenga.

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#7 I’m wearing bangles with kalira in one hand. What can I wear on the other hand instead of bangles?

Asked by Jinal Vaid

There are obviously many hand accessories available in the market. With Kaliras and bangles in one hand, you can choose to wear a broad handcuff, a hath phool or an over-sized ring in the other.

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