All the Happy & Sad Things that Happen After Your Sister Gets Married!

Medha Chawla, 22 Dec 2018

‘Teri meri banti nahi, par tere bina chalti bhi nahi,’ this famous Hindi line truly sums up every girl’s relationship with her sister.

Right from being your first BFF, partner-in-crime, the ultimate support system to the most annoying frenemy—your sister has been everything for you! And seeing her getting married and knowing that she will no more live with you is like being engulfed in a pool of emotions. There is endless excitement about looking your stylish best, night-long dance performance practices, jutta chhupai strategy, and fun shopping sprees, but you also feel a part of your heart is sinking amidst these hep wedding revelries. The very thought that your sister is going away serves you a mixed platter of emotions and her marriage is undeniably a life-changing event for you too.

So here are some emotional things that happen after your sister gets married and we bet you wouldn't agree more!

Disclaimer: Be ready for a roller-coaster ride and keep a box of tissues handy!

Who’ll help you sneak out/in late at night?

Whether you returned in a sloshed state from a party or had to sneak out for a night, your sister has always been your savior. She used to act cringy at first but eventually lend you her support! You are definitely gonna miss this! 

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Who will convince the parents?

Whenever parents say a strict ‘No’, it is your elder sister’s convincing skills that always worked.

Whose wardrobe will you raid?

Wearing your sister’s newly bought dress without putting it to her notice (and then eventually being caught) is one daunting task you have been doing from quite a while. But it will also end now. *Sigh*

Your eyeliner won’t be on point anymore!

Damn, who will apply that perfectly winged eyeliner now! (Come back already?)

No more fights over the TV remote

No matter how much you dread your sister for not letting you watch your favorite show, but you will miss these sweet fights a lot after she gets married.

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The room won’t feel the same anymore

You always wanted the entire bed and room to be all yours. Well, the room will definitely be yours now on, but the emptiness in the room will make you miss her even more.

But hey, she will leave behind a lot of stuff

Keeping the sadness aside, you will have the entire room to yourself. Not just that, all her clothes, shoes and gobs of accessories, she is gonna leave it all behind for you. Woaaaahh!

Agla number tera hai

Prepare yourself for this dialogue already! Cuz soon after your sister gets married, every relative is gonna bombard you with this.

You won’t be the center of her world anymore

After your sister gets married, her new family and the marital relationship will top her priority list. Which means, you will no more be the center of her world anymore and she won’t be available to listen and deal with your problems all the time. *Sobs*

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You’ll get one more BFF, your jiju!

Your elder sister has always spoilt you like a baby but now one more member joins the clan, i.e. your jiju. You will find yourself one more best friend and finally get to relish the famous jija-saali relationship.

You’ll miss the late night hunger pangs and gossip sessions

We all know how therapeutic are those late night gossip sessions and those vulnerable deep conversations accompanied with oh-so-yummy Maggi! You are deeply gonna miss all of that!

You’ll feel grown up

Now, this is one major change that you’ll witness in yourself after your sister’s wedding. You will suddenly start to feel more responsible towards family and home; your emotional connection with your parents will also strengthen.

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Tag your sister and tell her how happy you are that she won’t boss you around at home anymore!