Florals Florals on the wall, they look the prettiest of them all! Having dreadful mid-week blues and that's the most creative line I could come up with to start this beauty-bundled blog. 

You all know we can never stop flooding you with wedding inspiration and no points for guessing that we are back with another decoration ideas blog. It is one of our most favourite categories after all! So, today we introduce you to a trend that has been here for quite a while but has not got your attention yet. Well, we are talking about flower-embedded walls.

Flowers, as you all know, are an imperative part of Indian weddings. Right from the boisterous decorations to the dainty wedding elements like jaimalas - the presence of flowers is inevitable. And nothing makes us merrier to know that the wedding decorators are constantly coming up with breathtakingly innovative floral decoration ideas. And one such is the trend of flower-embedded walls. Mostly used as photo backdrops, flower-embedded walls are a not-so-mainstream decor element you can have at your wedding. A plethora of flowers bunched together into a wall look absolutely surreal and take your wedding photographs to the next level. Without writing much, let us show you some exuberant flower wall designs for wedding decoration.

Flower Wall Decor Ideas for Weddings

- All yellow

An all yellow photo backdrop with gazillions of flowers embedded together to set the mood right for a hearty Haldi ceremony.

- Charismatic floral wall with oodles of pink

Concluding the list with one of our most favourite pink-themed flower walls! Such a breathtaking backdrop to amp up the photos.

- A delightful sight

Can't stop obsessing over this oh-so-gripping floral backdrop flooded with a wide variety of flowers.

- Don't underestimate the power of whites

Nothing spells exuberance better than white decor, and have a look at this amaze-balls stage decor with a pristine white floral wall adorned with pastel-hued flowers as the backdrop.

- Plethora of pastels

The contrasting red lehenga captured against a lust-worthy floral wall made with pastel blooms looks like a gorgeous dream.

- Sheer gorgeousness of red roses

Nothing can ever beat the gorgeousness of a flower wall with endless red roses embedded on it.

- Floral Strings

This one is a little different from the rest! The cascading strings of florals set against the backdrop of the green wall look so picturesque.

- Vibrancy at its best

This one is rather a unique flower-embedded wall amped with turquoise tulip string.

- The magical aura of marigolds

Here's an enchanting floral wall bunched with the eye-pleasing combination yellow and orange marigolds.

- Whimsical roses

Rose wedding decorations relish a special place in our heart and just like at this dual-toned rose flower wall! You will definitely be smitten with its beauty.

- A heavenly setting of flowers

We are no way getting over this swoon-worthy ombre floral wall anytime soon.

- Purple Spectacle with pink accents

It is not often that we spot violet-themed wedding decorations, but after looking at this gorgeous floral wall, we are craving hard to see more of them.

- A tri-coloured delight

We are also swooning over this pretty floral wall consisting of the same variety of flowers but in three different colours.

- Flower Power

Blooming heaven of flowers in pretty hues of pinks and violets.

- Mini floral frames

You can also take an offbeat route and opt for these multiple floral frames hung on a lush green base.

Decor by Noor, Delhi

- The mesmerising combo of green and red

One of the most classic (and gorgeous) flower wall designs you can have at your wedding is the one with the ultimate combo of green foliage and red blooms. They will smite every one at a mere single glance.

-  Shades of pink

You and your guests are gonna have a gala time getting photographed against this scintillating flower wall decor.

- Mesmerising roses

This floral wall made of thousands of multi-hued roses looks so surreal! Even a basic couple portrait got enhanced by multifold with this beauteous floral backdrop.

-  Lush green wall with minimal floral detailing

Owing to the raging popularity of fern and foliage themed wedding decor, here's a unique floral wall backed with all-green foliage wall. 


What do you think about these floral walls? Will you have such a wall at your wedding? Tell us in the comments section.

#TRENDING: All Floral Wall Decor we Spotted at Weddings

by Medha Chawla

#TRENDING: All Floral Wall Decor we Spotted at Weddings