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9 Beautiful Versions of "Din Shagna Da" every Bride-to-be Must Listen to!

Medha Chawla, 15 Feb 2019

The moment the song Din Shagna Da plays at a wedding, all the guests naturally shift their gaze to the wedding entry gate to witness the first glimpse of the bride. And we are not surprised! After all, this song has been synonymous to bridal entry in North Indian weddings for over a decade now. As soon as the DJ plays Din Shagna Da song, it means that the much-awaited moment is here and the bride is all set to put her first foot forward to the wedding venue under a breathtaking phoolon ki chaadar. Seeing the beautiful bride walking down the aisle is itself a glorious moment but when it is backed by this soul-stirring track, the feeling becomes absolutely surreal. This heart-touching concoction creates a mystical aura and elevates the spirits of everyone. *I always get goosebumps when I listen to this song*

Despite so many new Bollywood and English song options for a stellar bridal entry, brides still prefer to enter on this two-decade-old song. Understandably, the sky-high status of Din Shagna Da remains untouched. Having said that, the original version of Din Shagna Da is our all-time favorite (and will always be) but there are also some different versions of this wedding song that are making it big in the Indian weddings. So, here we introduce you to some of the most amazing versions of Din Shagna Da song that definitely deserve your attention.

All Beautiful versions of the song "Din Shagna Da"

Din Shagna Da (Phillauri) - Jasleen Royal

Didn't our hearts flutter in sheer awe when Anushka Sharma made a dreamy bridal entry on this song at her wedding in Tuscany? This version from the movie Phillauri is purely magical.

Din Shagna Da Male Version (Fiddle Craft) - Gaurav Kadu

You should definitely not miss this emotional rendition which is a hearty ode from a groom to his bride. This cover is both written and sung by Gaurav Kadu.

Din Shagna Da (The Wedding Filmer) - Roona Rizvi

Our favorite wedding filmmaker, Vishal Punjabi of  The Wedding Filmer made this soulful acoustic cover of Din Shagna Da. This soothing cover is not only perfect for a bridal entry but also makes for a lovely song for wedding videos.

Din Shagna Da (The Wedding Story) - Harjot K Dhillon

Here's a lively cover of Din Shagna Da that is sure to give you festive feels and leave you smiling wide. Recently released by The Wedding Story, this song celebrates the beginning of a bride's marital life. *We're playing it on loop*

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Dilbaro | Din Shagna Da | Madhaniya Mashup - Akriti Kakkar

This heart-warming mashup is a beautiful depiction of the special bond shared between fathers and their daughters.

Din Shagna Da (Riddhi Photography) - Shivani Bhatia

This one is a rather subtle rendition that you would want to listen again and again.

Din Shagna Da Male Version - Anirudh Deshmukh

Here is another soul-stirring male cover of our favorite wedding song.

Din Shagna Da (Reprise) Classical Version - Ada Garg ft. Suyash Khetan

Soothing tabla beats, soulful flute music, and the singers' heart-touching voice combine together to create this magical rendition of Din Shagna Da

Din Shagna Da - Original

Lastly, here is the most popular one i.e. the original version, of this popular track from the film Dillagi (1999). This soul-stirring song is so powerful that it instills the desire of getting married among girls.


Which version will your pick for your own bridal entry? Share with us in the comments section. We would love to know!