AIB Roast Fame, Abish Mathew Got Engaged To Childhood Friend & Actress Archana Kavi!

Neha Garg, 05 Nov 2015

Some love stories aren’t Epic Novels, some are Short Stories, but that doesn’t make them any less filled with love. 

An actor, musician and stand-up comedian Abish Mathew got engaged to Malayalam Actress Archana Kavi  in a low-key, traditional ceremony on 31st October. The ceremony was only attended by the family members and close friends. Here are some stunning pictures shot by Cupcake productions.

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12191713_1080487378631040_3805491640151780799_n 12072612_1080487371964374_1982261221415770214_n

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Abish Mathew was part of the controversial AIB roast and is a well-known comic in India. Whereas, Archana is a notable actor and has worked in movies like Neelathamara, Jeethu Joseph's Mummy & Me, Aashiq Abu directed Salt N Pepper, Lal Jr's Honey Bee, and many others. 

12186665_1080488151964296_3953740598817243796_o 12186571_1080488045297640_6652874565747792640_o

Photographer on the couple " They both have been friends for years. It's not just his on-stage persona, Abish is quite the same off-stage too. Archana, on the other hand, is full of life. We really had a laughter riot capturing their beautiful story.”

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Archana is also a small-scale entrepreneur. She runs a boutique in Kochi and is highly passionate about designing; which is an unknown fact for most of her fans. 


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The wedding will take place in early next year, and the couple reportedly said that the wedding will be in Kochi.

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Photographer: Cupcake Productions

Venue: Mother Teresa Church

Makeup: Gitanjali Salons

Many congratulations to this wonderful duo for life's new journey!