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A Wedding Photographer Reveals How To Click Photos Like A Pro On Honeymoon!

Sanchita Kalra, 19 Apr 2017

You may have hired the best photographers in town for your wedding but what about your honeymoon photos? There won't be any photographers capturing your candid moments unless you're a celebrity! :P

Whether you’re honeymooning in the romantic city of Paris or enjoying the slow life in Bali or being an adventure junkie in New Zealand, you just can't rely on selfies or take alone and awkward photos of each other or for that matter asking random strangers to click your couple pictures.

We spoke to Nikhil Arora, the photographer behind Weddings By Knotty Days, who couldn’t agree more with us that it is a challenge for newly-weds to capture amazing photographs on their trip of a lifetime. Here’s what he told us about clicking pictures like a pro on your honeymoon:

What Camera Should I Use For My Pictures?

Firstly, you don't need a high-end professional camera to take stunning pictures. Any entry level DSLR or a phone camera would do the job. All you need is a little patience to set the frame and some hit and trial :)

What Equipment Will I Need?  

  1. A trigger to click pictures from a distance using your DSLR or phone
  2. Gorillapod for creative angles. A Gorillapod is basically a flexible tripod that lets you bend its legs.
  3. A basic travel-friendly lightweight tripod. If you want to get away from the additional load of the tripod, you’ll have to find natural flat structures like walls, fences etc to place your camera.

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Should I Opt For A Timer or A Trigger?

Trigger and timer both work equally well. But with a timer, you need to go back to your camera every time you want to click another picture. The advantage of a trigger is that once you’ve set the frame, you can try different poses within that same frame.

What Are The Poses I Should Go For?

The easiest way to come up with poses is by recreating the ones you did for your pre-wedding shoot with a little twist. For inspiration, here are photos that Nikhil clicked on his honeymoon and travels with wife: 

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How Can I Nail The Pictures Like A Pro?

  1. You can put your camera on Auto Mode. As you are not an experienced photographer, auto mode will take care of all the settings and you can only focus on framing the scene and posing. 
  2. Once the frame is set, one of you needs to stand in the scene so that the person handling camera can lock focus.
  3. Put your camera on timer mode (unless you’re using a trigger). This will help you get into the zone before it clicks!
  4. Press the shutter button with at least one focus point on the person who is already in the frame and you go run in the frame in the position you envisioned yourself.
  5. Make sure you also try different angles other than eye level (this is where a mobile tripod or a gorilla pod will come in play) to get interesting shots.

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Am I Done? No, Not Yet!

Pictures look pretty neat on a DSLR camera screen because there is an inbuilt software to show you an edited/enhanced version of the picture. Same picture once imported into your laptop or computer might look a little dull. That's where a little editing comes into play. Use any image editing app (Snapseed, Pixlr, Cameo or Spark Post) and you are done!

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And don’t forget to practice with the camera a few times before you go to the most special vacation of your life!