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A Tale of Two Continents: The Real Wedding Story of Bubble and Avinash

Neha Garg, 11 Dec 2015

A management accountant and a medical engineer from 2 different continents falling in love might seem a bit fictitious to the outside world. While she sits and crunches numbers in datasheets, he tries to make crunch surgeries a breeze. And, when the combination of a fashionable critique meets a surreal romantique, we get a story which is no less than a movie script. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the real wedding story of Avinash and his “Arabian Princess”, Bubble – as told by Avinash – a story that’s sure to give you a major lovegasm:

Sangeet Ceremony

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What was that first moment when you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with Bubble? A Mumbai-born and bred true-blue Indian for most part of my life, it was soon after I came to Australia that my fate directed me towards my gorgeous bride, Bubble through a common friend. At that time, she was working in Dubai. As we were in different cities, technology was our only source of communication for a long time! As an intuitive lover, I knew I wanted to spend my life with her the moment she said hello. On the other hand, she felt the same only when she found out I had an Australian passport. Either way, I decided a surprise proposal at her favorite Sushi Lounge in Dubai. She did say Yes, eventually, but not before making me wait for a few days. After this, began a flash mob of ideas for a wedding which we had to plan in about 11 months.

Mehendi Ceremony

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Now, jumping to the events, Avinash walks us through the itsy-bitsies that really added a unique touch to the wedding! Read up on: We do agree about being a bit Bollywood and definitely wanted a fairytale angle to our wedding. We based our wedding like a movie giving it a title “A Tale of Two Continents”. The wedding card was designed on this basis where we had the different inserts a form of a movie reel with the functions as: Take 1 – Sangeet Take 2 – Mehendi Take 3 – Pheras Final Take – Reception Our Sangeet even had a red carpet entry and different props to highlight the theme! That, according to me, was one of the best features!



Which hotels did you consider in this location? Also tell us a little about your wedding functions.

Initially, we wanted our wedding to take place in Udaipur. However, we stuck to Mumbai since both our families live there. A few venues that we saw in Mumbai were Novotel, both the ITCs, Westin, Tote and Taj land’s end. It was when we walked into the lobby at ITC Grand Central (Lower Parel) that gave us that “saatphera” feeling, and we couldn’t see ourselves getting married anywhere else. The venue had a very colonial feel to it and the outdoor dome area that we used for the pheras was ideal for an outdoor setting that we always wanted. Our Sangeet, on the other hand, was at The Club in Juhu solely because ours being a Sindhi Sangeet would’ve definitely called for loud music that plays for way past the midnight. And that, is the best thing about The Club!

Wedding Day

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Tell us about F5, your wedding planners. Did they go out of the way to create something unusual for you?

We were referred to F5 wedding planners through a cousin of Bubble. At that stage we had about 10 months for the wedding. At this point we first started interacting with F5 who gave a bit of method to our madness. Since we were all based in different countries, we generally Whatsapped and called each other. We, as a couple, had a vision for how we wanted our wedding to be. F5 would always be open to our judgement of wanting things the way we wanted and at the same time knew when to stand up and remind us that this isn’t Bollywood. Haha! In short, we tried to paint a picture of our ideal wedding in the best possible way and F5 transformed this into an artwork which was cherished and loved by both our families and friends.

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Whoosh! How we’d have loved to be there! That said, was all the planning full of fun? What was the bride and groom's favorite moment? Avinash reminisces with a smile: The entire planning of the wedding was fun. From the venue search to outfit matching and everything in between. Working with F5 definitely allowed us to be assured that everything was in control at all times. There wasn’t any particular stressful part of the planning, but just before the events, there was just this anxious anticipation as to how all the hard work would work out.


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This is a wonderfully shot video by SeventyByTwo Team!

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Shaadisaga’s best wishes extend to both Avinash and Bubble, the happy couple!

Wedding Planners: F5 Weddings

Photographer: Richa Kashelkar

Cinematographers: SeventyByTwo