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A Land Where The Grass Is Always Green: Real Wedding Story of Vicky & Craig Direct From France!

Neha Garg, 29 Dec 2015

“Some love stories aren’t epic novels, some are short stories. But that doesn’t make them any less filled with love” – Carrie Bradshaw It was a sunny outdoor wedding in June, the height of the perfect wedding season in France. The wedding took place in Ginestas, near Bezier- South of France amongst mist vineyards chateau, surrounded by different fruit trees. A land where the grass is always green, the sun is always shining, and fences are always white picket. The place smelled of fresh cut flowers because of the lovely decoration and filled the air with the sweet smell. The wedding was followed by a cocktail in the backyard and dinner on the front porch.

Getting Ready Shots

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Radhika shares, "One very fond memory carried by me from this wedding was that Vicky’s bridesmaid were so beautifully dressed and they all had coupled up while getting dressed which seemed like harmony in the chaos which was the aim of capturing this particular scene".

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The Wedding Celebrations

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A few words from our beautiful bride, Vicky for the talented Photographer Radhika Pandit My husband and I were thrilled with our beautiful photographs. We can't stop looking at them. You have captured the heart of our wedding in the most stunning ways. You are a true talent and we were fortunate to have you there to photograph our special day!

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Radhika Pandit, the photographer shares her wonderful experience with us The summer 2014 I had been to France to shoot eight weddings and Vicky & Craig happened to be one of them; they were a British couple who choose to have a destination wedding in France. Maybe it was the weather, their amazing family and friends, or it was the joy of their love; but their wedding was definitely special. The couple was lovely and it was really easy working with them as they were British, someone I can finally speak perfect English within France, a country where it is difficult to find one. They were extremely cordial and hospitable.

 Photographer: Radhika Pandit (Serendipitous Smiles) 

 Shaadisaga wishes the couple a life showering with love and laughter :)