A Couple Who Are Mirror Reflections Of Each Other: Preetika And Sahil

Neha Garg, 21 Jul 2015

“When I first met, I looked into your heart. I knew you were the one and we would have a great start.” Your smile makes me smile, your laugh makes me laugh. You are my man, heart & soul. You are my everything!


It’s like a true Cinderella story, We saw and fell in love. Preetika says, "At first, I did not want to get married, I made my matrimonial profile just for the sake of my parents, but this one thing that turned my life to a more beautiful track".

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Pre-Wedding Shoot


After looking into Sahil's impressive profile, she saw there's so much in common. She said, “I felt like I was talking and discussing things with my mirror reflection (I still feel the same way).” After knowing each other enough, finally, the Parents met and a new relation was born. On their courtship period, they went for their first date at ‘The Umrao’, where Sahil popped the question and she said the obvious, big ‘YES’. The proposal was very filmy, I started to look around for Yash Raj to say CUT! But he wasn’t there, it was for real, ALL REAL and I loved it.

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The Engagement Day

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Preetika on the love of her life, Sahil He taught me how to enjoy life. How to live every moment and let go a lot of things which are not worth the attention. He just made my life a lot simpler, and very happy. I feel incomplete when he is not around!

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Sahil on his life partner, Preetika It was love at first sight, this is going to sound crazy, but, from the moment I first set eyes on you I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. However, every time I look at you I’m reminded of how I can never stop loving you. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner! I am truly blessed. Preetika& I, are very balancing & calm, so we complement each other in every way.

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Chudha & Mehendi Ceremony

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And Finally, They Are One: The Wedding Day

Screenshot 2015-07-22 13.33.40  Bride

Our smiling bride, Preetika looks beautiful in this red & gold lehenga!

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Preetika on her Makeup Artist, Roopali She has made me look exactly the way I wanted on my wedding day. The makeup was kept very natural, still highlighting my features. I am happy, she was a part of my Big Day.

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The moment that Preetika wants to recall throughout her life: I can’t forget when I was going to Jaimala stage and met Sahil, I asked where is your Sehra? He pinched and said, I am lost Beautiful, forget the Sehra and enjoy this blissful moment (laughs).

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Preetika on her Photographer, Creative Wedding Photography Thanks Jitendar for the amazing Service. Capturing moments and preserving for eternity is really important for anyone. Thanks a ton for capturing it so beautifully on my very special day. I would strongly recommend you to others!

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Photographer on Preetika Preetika and Sahil makes a wonderful pair, I loved capturing their special moments. They were wonderful to work with and I heartily wish them a great life ahead!

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Honeymoon is said to be one of the most beautiful times of one's life, and when it is Europe, what else can one ask for? They went to Europe, where Preetika wanted to go since childhood. It was a dream come real for her!

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Thank you message from Preetika:

I really want to thank my Papa and everybody who was a part of my Wedding. I have made them all run, tortured and have disrupted their lives. My demands aren’t easy, and they have done everything they could do for me. More than that, they have all made my wedding ‘a dream come true’. LOVE YOU PAPA!!!  And a big thanks to Shaadisaga and team for the wonderful services, they have been very patient and friendly throughout the planning!


Wedding Photographer: Creative Wedding Photography

Wedding Makeup Artist: Roopali Makeup Studio

Wedding Venue: Natraj Greens

Bride's Wedding Outfit: Frontier Bazaar, Karol Bagh

Groom's Wedding Outfit: The Groom studio, Karol Bagh

Shaadisaga wishes this 'happy-go-lucky' couple a life full of love and smiles :)