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9 Simple ways to speed up your journey from strangers to lovers

Nanditha Sankar, 11 Dec 2014

The journey from being total strangers to sharing the same house can be a difficult task. While we make ages to make good friends, it may seem very difficult for many couples to do the same with the person they are going to spend a major half of their lives with. Here are some tips we compiled to help smoothen your journey.

Listen: The power of listening goes a long way into gaining insights. Keep your eyes fixed on them and listen in to their words like how you would like to be heard.

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Talk: Talking is very important. Simple talks will contribute to understanding the other person much better.

Make plans: Make plans to travel, to see new things, and discover experiences together. The whole process of planning it together goes a long way into building the relationship.


Compile: Take a jar and fill it with some of the things you love about the other person. A few months later you can take it all out and read.

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Make a photo album: Make a compilation of all your great photos together and compile a beautiful album.


Write: If you think writing letters is clichéd, it isn’t really. Unlike emails, you just can’t delete an actual, physical letter. Written letters give the very personal touch and makes you feel closer to the person.


Video-making: Compile a video from their friends speaking of their best memories since childhood or college. It will definitely bring a smile on their faces.

The gang: Get talking to their best friends. Nothing would make them happier than seeing you becoming good friends with their best friends.


Gifts: Nothing surprises people more than gifts at the most unexpected of occasions. Gift them a box-set of their favorite novel, perhaps? Or just a flower.. to thank them for always being there for you.


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