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9 Most Common Mistakes every Girl must avoid while Wearing a Saree

Medha Chawla, 18 Oct 2018

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Shaadi season is also the Saree season for girls! True, isn’t it? With so many weddings to attend this season, we are sure wearing a saree on at least one function is on your list. After all, saree is that piece of clothing that suits every body type, looks exceptionally graceful and accentuates one’s natural beauty like nothing. Even brides are ditching lehengas for this 9 yards of sheer elegance.

But wearing a saree right is undeniably a tricky task. And if you are someone who is not really a pro at draping and sporting Sarees, this blog is for you! Here we enlist do’s and don’t while wearing a saree this wedding season.

Common mistakes to avoid while wearing a Saree  

1. Don’t underestimate the fitting of the blouse

Most girls tend to take it lightly but every girl must always ensure that the blouse fits her perfectly and is neither loose nor extremely tight. A loose blouse looks absolutely unflattering whereas a tight one can choke your breath and movements. We are sure you don’t want yourself in either of the situations. Also, it is a huge misconception that tighter blouse makes you look thinner. Sorry to break your heart but it holds no truth at all.

2. Pay attention to the bra

It is obviously better to have a padded blouse in case of revealing or backless blouses. However, while wearing a bra under the blouse, always make sure that its colour is closest to that of the blouse. Misfit bras are a big no any day and every day - and especially when you are wearing a saree.

3. Petticoat matters

A saree is more than what is visible. 9 yards of elegance is only achievable if the petticoat you are wearing underneath is perfect. It is the petticoat that actually holds the saree and determines your overall. So, here are a few things related to petticoat aka underskirt that you must never ignore.

  • Tie it tightly enough that there is no scope for saree to unfold. But don’t choke yourself by tying it extremely tight.

  • You can get rid of the drawstring by opting for a readymade petticoat with a zip and hook on one side.

  • For that extra saree flare, get your hands on a petticoat with side pleats.

  • Most importantly, the color of the petticoat should match the saree. Ignoring this aspect can totally break your look.

4. Don't wear it too high or too low

The grace of your saree also matters on where you tie it. Don’t tie the saree too high and don’t even go too low - settle for something in between. On the navel or just an inch below the navel fits just rightly. Tying it too high or low is not only unpleasant but will also make it uncomfortable for you to even move around.

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5. Untidy Pleats

Let’s just agree, pleats are the most significant part of the saree that define the overall look. A graceful appearance in saree is impossible without neatly done pleats. If you are a pro at it, great! But if you are not, fret not and take the cue of pre-pleating. It is a technique where you pre-pleat your saree drape which further saves you from endless failed saree draping sessions.

6. Self-experiment on the event day

Haven’t we all watched fancy videos of unique saree draping styles and been tempted to try on self? You sure should, but avoid getting your hands dirty on the day of the event. Self-experiment some days prior to the event. If you are someone who's a complete noob at saree draping, it is better you seek professional help. You sure don’t wanna look like a mess, right?

7. Too many aids? NO!

Using safety pins is inevitable while wearing a saree, we know! We also understand your fear of a wardrobe malfunction but that doesn’t mean you will spoil your look with too many pins. Make it a point to hide all the pins under the fabric so that there is no peek-a-boo. Also, a delicate saree can even tear apart with an excessive use of pins.

Pro Tip: Always pin up the back side of your saree from inside to avoid it from unfolding while sitting.

8. Choose the saree fabric wisely

If there is an ensemble that looks great on every body type, it is a saree. However, there is no harm in considering your body shape while selecting the 9 yards drape. If you are a woman with a curvy frame, it is best to go with flowy fabrics like georgette, chiffon, and silk. On the other hand, fabrics like raw silk, net, and cotton are great for slimmer frames.

9. Don't be fancied by stilettos

It is best suggested to wear a pair of stilettos with a saree. However, if you have hardly ever worn a saree before, skip this notion. Opt for more comfortable footwear options like wedges or smaller heels. You can even raise the comfort quotient by wearing an elegant pair of juttis.


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