8 Learnings from the Bride who took a 6 month break for Planning her Wedding

Surbhi Gupta, 14 Jun 2018

Meet Deepika, our go-getter bride who actually took a 6-month break from work to plan for her wedding. This super energetic bridey who got married to her childhood lover Vishal is giving us major inspiration. She not only designed her own looks but held charge of every single detail from the venue to the decor to even the food. The result was a wedding that was an ABSOLUTE hit! Unbelievable, right? 

Here are some hands-on tips that we have wisely (and in secret) stolen from this super planned wedding of Deepika and Vishal, that are a must if you want a great wedding yourself.

1. Have even the minutest detail written

Talking about perfection, our star bridey actually maintained a diary where she had even the smallest detail written. All her research, loved vendors, favorite looks, they were all in there! A real bridezilla who likes control.

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2. Have fun at the dance floor

Deepika had one helluva time at her cocktail function and her infectious energy had everyone else hooked too. Like she herself puts it, "This day never comes back to be happy in and out", We couldn’t agree, more!

3. Engage your guests on the dancing floor to make sure everyone has fun at your wedding

This bridey made sure that her guests' list was limited only to close friends and family. And after that was done, Deepika had everyone around her grooving on the dancing floor. From little children to the elderlies, she ensured that people close to her heart were having a fun night.

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4. Bring out the child in you

During almost all her ceremonies, Deepika was seen making memories for a lifetime by not staying on her feet. She surely is some inspiration!

5. Have an ethereal bridal photo shoot

Deepika left no stones unturned at her wedding. Along with being the playful and energetic bride (that she every bit was), she also rocked it in a traditional avtaar. We are loving those bridal room poses and dramatic dupatta shots.

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6. Make a bridal entry worth remembering

This bride was every bit a diva and so her bridal entry had to be unique and unconventional. She entered right with a swag dancing under the phoolon ki chaadar, leaving all the guests awestruck.

7. Work towards being a fit bride

Not only did this super fit bride require less makeup, she even had abs by the time of her marriage. Goals, goals, goals! As Deepika said, "The most imp. thing— DON'T IGNORE YOUR BODY. Start taking care of it from the time you know your dates have been fixed. Get into fitness mode, detoxification and start eating healthy, try natural remedies. That's what I did and I could actually see the results on my body and face. I literally had 2 upper abs and didn't require a lot of makeup to hide my blemishes or marks cuz' I didn't had any as the glow was speaking. It was just a normal routine make up with a nude lipper.

8. Don't shun the stunner in you

Just because it's your wedding and you're supposed to be all modest, we suggest let your swagger side loose and have some fun. This surely is a one in a lifetime kinda moment. We love how this couple looks absolutely dapper with shades on during the wedding ceremonies.

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Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Babal productionsWedding decorator: Kataria's | MUA: Bishu Sinha | Bride's outfits: Frontier Raas (South Ex) & Matsya World Groom's outfit: SBJ

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