9 Interesting Characters You Won't be Able to Miss at an Indian Wedding

Nanditha Sankar, 04 Nov 2014

No wedding can be complete without these lively souls. How boring would it be if weddings were like assemblies- the bride and groom exchanging vows and those assembled watching it without budging an inch? Precisely why, we have the grand Indian shaadi. Transcending cultures and customs, every Indian wedding will have these ubiquitous people. They may change in face and size but are seen here, there and everywhere. Let’s have a look :

1. The photographer bhaiyya

Blessed with the legs of an Usain Bolt, he makes his presence everywhere. From the most miniscule corner of the mandap to the largest gathering within the gathering, he makes sure nothing is left without being captured. Prettily dressed girls are seen flocking to him to get their photos clicked. It’s his job to ensure that none of the golden moments get lost.

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2. The Jijaji full of life

At all the main happenings of the wedding, behind every frame of the groom and the bride is the Jijaji full of life. Dressed in colorful hues like green and orange with a wad of notes as his weapon of choice, he is easily identifiable with his extra-decibels and affectionate displays of love. He is also seen running around and is very easily one of the most important people out there- after the bride and groom,of course.

bhai ki shadi

3. The oldest one among ‘em all

Weddings are a joyous occasion not just for the young but also for the old who see their grand-children and sometimes, great-grandchildren being hitched in what could be a fulfillment of a life-long dream.These lovable souls are often found in the front portion of the hall or on the dias where a special seat is allotted to them to view the proceedings. Be on the watch and make sure you give them a jaadu ki jhappi for they are sure to shed a tear or two when the hour of the shaadi approaches.

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4. The foodies!

It is a very well-known fact that a large majority of those at the wedding hay their eyes and ears fine-tuned to pick up the slightest of gastronomic smells from the kitchen. Very often, they make trips to the catering section so as to not miss out on any thing that is being served. Ask them the menu at any time of the day and they’ll be able to dish it out for you!


5. The gate-crashers

How can one forget those who sit in corners, speak in hushed tones and claim they are friends of both the bride and the groom? Enter, the gatecrashers. Identifiable by their not-so- flashy clothes, ( I must say that there is another set of their species who actually shell out money to buy wedding clothes and attend 5-6 weddings wearing the same set), they come mainly for two purposes- to treat themselves to the grand menu and to see the beautifully dressed men and women at the wedding. They are quick to come and go with the stealth mode of a GTA player.


6. The aunty population

On no occasion are they unmissable. Look out for a congregation of 5-7 or 10 at the most. Arranging themselves in a circular fashion, these aunties scrutinize everyone. They know what’s happening with who and make sure no bit of news goes unexchanged while they secretly compare each other’s jewellery while on the process of information exchange. Future alliances are also struck during this process of the meeting between the aunties.


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7. The Chillar party

They are the life and soul of the wedding. They move at the speed of light. Be warned for you might tumble at their agility. These adorable kids are there to play. Occasionally, they rest for say a maximum of five minutes and get back to their prime agenda- to play like no one is watching. Doted upon by everyone, they are often seated next to the bride and groom in an attempt to calm them down and add the “Aww” factor to the photos taken.


8. The movers and shakers!

Every wedding has these experts at dance moves. They make sure that no moment is spent in boredom for they rise up to the occasion of every song. Giving them company are the gaane walas who croon to popular numbers and ask everyone to join in. Go near them and get sucked into the joyousness of dance and music!

mover n shaker

9. The best friends!

Dressed as good as the bride and the groom and being with them throughout the wedding. This is one of the primary things that these best buddies do. They’re sure to grab as many eyeballs as the prime centers of attention because they are forever in the limelight.


Make sure you watch out for these characters in the next wedding you attend. And please share it in  comments if we have missed any of these characters (no pun intended). :)