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9 Fun Ideas For A Pre-Wedding Shoot With Your Bridesmaids

Sanchita Kalra, 22 Jun 2017

Something good happens, you call your best friend to tell her. Something bad happens, you call to share with her. You want to go for shopping, they're first on your mind to ask. You want to convince your parents for a week long vacay, you make them speak to your bestie and you're good to go! And that's precisely why best friends are special.

So, when you get hitched, why not have a fabulous photo shoot with your closest buddies because even though you've found a man, you still need your girls! 

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We scooped through the Internet and found the most inspiring and cute photo ideas that you can have with your friends before the wedding. You can arrange for these for your pre-wedding shoot with bridesmaids, or your bachelorette party or if you've been planning a vacation with the girls one last time, this is a great chance to get clicked with them!

#1 If you're a bunch of melodramatic girls, recreate a movie poster with your bridesmaids like how we did this for our contest winners!

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#2 Choose an outdoor location, wear colour coordinated clothes and throw in some balloons

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#3 Another idea for an outdoor shoot - Wear outfits in similar shades and add cutesy props. Umbrellas are great for summers!

#4 Looking for DIY photo shoot ideas? Chalkboards are an amazing alternative. Plus, don't miss out the matchy-matchy outfits

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#5 If you want to resemble Greek Goddesses, go for flowy gowns in similar tones with floral crowns. Don't forget to twirl!

#6 If you can't have a special pre-wedding shoot with bridesmaids, go crazy on the bachelorette night stay. White shirts, blue jeans and red lips for that perfect pout!

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#7 Get customised bathrobes for your bride tribe. This can be done on a pre-wedding shoot or would be cool if you plan to get ready together for the functions!

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#8 Bathrobes and beds - Who doesn't like them? Put them on and just jump when you're about to get clicked

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#9 To add a touch of craziness, arrange for party poppers or colourful confetti and pop it when you're camera ready

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