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9 Extremely Important Wedding Day Advice No one else will give you!

Medha Chawla, 29 Oct 2018

As soon as you announce your wedding, you are most likely to be bombarded with endless Shaadi Gyaan by your aunts and married sisters. Right from how to spice up things in the bedroom to where to find the best bridal jewellery from—you'll have all sorts of tips flowing in. But sadly, no one actually prepares you for the day of the wedding. The wedding day comes with inexpressible feelings, stress, excitement and so much more. Being the bride, the entire wedding revelries feel like being on a real-life roller coaster.

Even though we agree, that you can never be enough prepared for the wedding day but being your best virtual bridesmaids, we're sure that the following pieces of advice will help you glide through your wedding day like a bridechilla!

Wedding day advice for Indian Brides

Enjoy each moment

The day you dreamt of since childhood is finally here! All the planning that had to be done is over. So, stop worrying and panicking about wedding arrangements. Just enjoy EVERY DAMN MOMENT. It is your special day and it comes only once. Make the most of it and make it one helluva memorable day for all right reasons. The day will fly by so quick that you won’t even know!

Don’t rub your tears

You’ll cry, obviously, for both happy and sad reasons. But remember, if you feel tears coming out, don’t screw your bridal makeup by rubbing’em tears away. Just wipe them with gentle pats. For the same reason, check it with the MUA beforehand that the makeup is waterproof.

Steal private moments with your parents

Your parents put everything to make sure your wedding is nothing less than a dreamy affair. You too must put some efforts to make your parents feel special on your wedding. One of the ways you can do the same is by stealing a few minutes to talk to them privately, clicking pictures, embracing a hug, chatting with them and sharing some light moments. This will not only keep you sane but also give you a bunch of most cherished memories from your wedding.

Take a short break from photos

You probably didn’t see this coming but your face will hurt from smiling so much for the photographs. You would be expected to smile for countless selfies, traditional photos with guests, couple shots and what not! Hence, it would be better if you take a short break from photos and inform the photographer about the same. Also, it is better to be your candid self on the D-day and invest in a good candid photographer who would capture your real self.

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Eat Sufficiently. Period.

Your wedding day will arrive with an explosion of emotions churning within your stomach. You will be nervous, excited, frustrated, restless and happy—all at the same time. Amid this all, almost every bride is most likely to skip her meals. But hey, don’t do this to yourself. Kick off your day with a hearty breakfast and do not miss out on the lunch either. The wedding dinner takes place in the wee hours and you sure don’t wanna be running around on empty stomach and feeling unwell on the most special day of your life.

Ensure mandap seating is comfy!

By the time it’s time for Pheras, the bride is way too exhausted. Cuz hello, being clad in a heavy lehenga with decked-up jewellery, makeup and a fancy hairstyle ain’t an easy task!  And we are sure, you don’t want your dreamy pheras under a breathtaking mandap to be a nightmare experience for you. Hence, discuss it with the decorators and planners beforehand that the mandap seating should be comfortable.

Use fewer hair aids

Pins are inevitable for your bridal hair-do! However, ask your hairstylist to use them wisely because the use of pins in abundance can is an open invitation to a severe headache and discomfort.

Keep a bridal survival kit handy

Whether you get a sudden headache, your bridal dupatta unsettles or the zip of your lehenga is not closing - you can conquer it all with a bridal survival kit by your side. Ask one of your bridesmaids to take care of it.

Don’t freak out

Bridal blues are real! You feel so many emotions all at once; some things might not turn out as they were planned; the centerpieces do not look that great as you had imagined-  your wedding day will be nothing lesser than a roller coaster ride. And mind you, every bride experiences it. But try your best to stay calm. Prepare yourself beforehand, and as mentioned above, enjoy every moment. Firstly, no one is paying as much attention to the details than you are. Secondly, you obviously don’t want to spoil your day because of reasons that are not even close to the emotional essence of your wedding.


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