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8 Tips Every Best-Friend-of-the-Bride Needs to Heed!

Veethi Telang, 16 Oct 2015

Best friends’ weddings are fun, right? WRONG! If all you’re doing is having fun, you’re not doing a very good job being a friend. Now, now. Don’t get scared just yet. As exciting as the idea of your dearest friend’s wedding may sound, there are countless tasks that you’re expected to do to make her feel at ease. In short, you must be her go-to person for everything!

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So, if you’ve decided to give it your all, here go 8 extremely important tips that you must take into account. Believe us, nothing makes a bride happier than to know that she has that one person by her side who’d make things alright by just swishing her magic wand! Here we go.

#1: Be there. All the frickin' time!

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Take it from an overly attached friend, it’s better to annoy the f*** out of the bride by hovering over her all the time, than to go missing the moment she needs you. So, make sure that you’re just a Whatsapp ping away at all times, lending her the emotional support she needs every now and then. Tag along for lehenga trials, bridal consultations, and even the secret bride-and-groom meetings (hey, she might need help sneaking out)!

#2: Take her rants with a pinch of salt!


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Ever came across a bridezilla? Yep, brace yourself for some illogical rants and ballistic behavior, regardless of the time of the day. She might be irrational, unreasonable, and may even go batshit crazy on certain issue. The thing is to let her.She’s the bride; she’s allowed to be. Your job, on the other hand, is to simply listen and tell her that she’s right. But, what if she isn’t? Scroll down to the next point.

#3: Suggest, don’t criticize


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Don’t like the funny dupatta draping or the louder-than-loud makeup on her? Don’t just go ahead and tell her how bad she looks. Honestly, woman, take a deep breath, and use a subtle tone in what you’re about to say. “Hey, as lovely as you look, I was thinking, how about we drape the dupatta another way instead?”. This way, not only do you talk some sense into your friend, but avoid an unnecessary argument like a boss!

#4: Put her needs before yours

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You don’t need 3 hours to get ready. She does. Your outfit isn’t as important as hers. Needless to say, your troubles are nothing in comparison to hers. As much as it may irritate you, it’s important to cater to her needs first. Trust us, she’ll do the same at your wedding!

#5: Keep her informed on everything that’s happening at the other end


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Brides often tend to get lost within their own set of tasks that they end up getting totally disconnected from the other happenings. Take for example, vendors and guests. As a friend, don’t just keep yourself updated on the day-to-day happenings at the many functions, but keep her in the loop as well.

#6: Make sure she gets enough time-out too!

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Amidst the craziness that planning a wedding can be, it’s easy for the bride to lose track of time and forget to breathe. As the best friend, arrange for a few evenings away from the stress by taking her to a movie, dancing in a club, or simply gulping in a couple of drinks. This way, she’ll be able to take some time off, and resume planning with a fresh mind.

#7: Keep a Plan B ready

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How many weddings have you been to that were perfect from the beginning till the end? Yeah, me neither! As the best friend, it’s your duty to minimize the things that could go wrong. Now, we aren’t saying that you should go to the extent of planning a secret wedding by yourself in the backyard in case things go awry. Tasks as simple as carrying around a utility handbag with all last-minute essentials for the bride is a great start. Remember, Robin from Lily’s wedding in How I Met Your Mother? Yep. That’s what we’re talking about.

#8: Don’t be a b**** to the groom and his friends

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Don’t like the groom’s friends? Guess what? Nobody cares! Your duty is to be welcoming to them and be at your very best. As much as you can, keep your opinions to yourself unless the bride haggers you to blurt them out! However, being one of the closest people to her, it’s your duty to portray a good, heart-warming image in front of the ladkewale. Well, you get what we mean, don’t you? Got any tips of yours too? Share away with us in the comments below!

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