8 Secrets We Learnt at Vogue's Fitness Masterclass for Brides

Sanchita Kalra, 07 Sep 2016

There are already a thousand articles out there on bridal health and fitness. Most have similar tips on how you should incorporate fresh fruits, green leafy veggies and litres of water in your diet. Not that we disagree, but when we attended the Masterclass by Kinita Kadakia Patel, a Sports Nutrition Consultant, at the Vogue Wedding Show 2016, we got some insights to what you should be doing before your big day.

Hey, all brides to be, are you listening?

#1 Carbs Are Good

Not all carbs are bad.  If you combine complex carbs with protein, it becomes a healthy option. For example, if you are having a slice of bread, consume it with eggs, paneer or chicken. Including protein in your daily diet can do wonders to having beautiful long hair!

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#2 Superfoods Are Not Really Super

The hype around quinoa, kale, avocado, hemp seeds, chia seeds and other superfood is misleading. You don't necessarily have to develop the taste or spend an insane amount of money on these fancy foods when you can easily consume equally healthy Indian grains for half the amount and twice the ease.

#3 We Don't Need To Detox

Opting for a detox diet a few months before your wedding date will certainly not give you faster and better results. Instead, it will be much better if you start eating healthy on a *regular* basis ahead of the wedding. Include fresh fruits, salads, coconut water, vegetable juices and tonnes of water in your daily diet, and there won't be any need for a detox every month!

#4 Say No To Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are harmful. And instead of satisfying your craving, what they tend to do is make you crave even more and then you end up eating 3 scoops of sugar free ice cream. So, it's wise to have one scoop of your favourite ice-cream without feeling guilty.

#5 On The Go Food

While shopping for your wedding, the first thing you are offered at a store are tea, coffee and cookies (unhealthy options!). What should you do? Politely refuse! Yes, when you're trying to lose weight, these little things tend to ruin your diet. Always be prepared and keep items such as sprouts, fruits, nuts, salads containing cucumbers and tomatoes (no smelly dressing!) and plain yoghurt (not flavoured one!) handy.

#6 The War Of Juices

The latest craze of cold pressed juices is -- are they actually healthy or overhyped? Fact is the nutrition value doesn't really change when the juice is compressed using cold pressed techniques as compared to conventional methods. So, if you are not digging the taste of cold pressed varieties or just don't want to dig too deep in your pockets, normal juice is a perfectly good option.

#7 Get Fitter Together

Involve your fiancé in your fitness regime. Start eating healthy together, so that you both get used to eating clean. Exercise together as it also lets you spend some extra time with each other!

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#8 How Much Time Do You Really Need To Get Fit?

If you're a moderately fit bride to be, you still need at least 3 months to get to an optimum fitness level. Before you think you need to start gymming for hours every single day, Kinita assured us that 30 mins exercise for 4 days of the week are plenty to get there.

Tell us in comments below which tip did you like the most?