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8 Romantic Things Your Bride Secretly Wants You To Do Before the Wedding Day!

Neha Garg, 21 Dec 2015

In the age of over-the-top rom-coms that have set the bar for romance really, really high, our dear grooms have had a hard time topping the stuff their brides may have secretly wanted for their big day too. Now, unlike Lily and Marshall’s uber-romantic “wedding before the wedding” in How I Met Your Mother, you can rest assured for that’s not the scale your would-be-wife wishes you to reach. But, some teeny-tiny gestures, however, are in order, don’t you think? So, this one goes out to all the grooms reading this – make the wedding day all the more special for your SO by considering the following easy-to-carry-out ideas. Take it from us women, these things are going to be etched in our memory, forever. Read, read.

1. Pour Your Feelings for her into a handwritten letter.


Picture Source: Padhokhelo See? That’s what it takes to add a few “awwwww's” to the occasion! A few days before the D-day, sit down, write everything you feel for the woman you’re about to marry, and get it delivered via a nephew or niece on the day of the wedding to her. There wouldn’t be a better start to the most important day of you two’s lives together.

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2. Keep texting her sweet nothings throughout the day.

This, and how she’s doing amidst all the mayhem! It’s easy to lose track of things throughout the pujas, attending guests, salon appointments, and what not. The moment you get a chance, send her a few cutesy Whatsappramblings and make her smile.

3. Pick a gift for her.

Wedding gift

Picture Source: Fullfat This, we don’t think, she’d really want to receive ‘before’ the wedding, but it’s better to be prepared, comrade! Whether it’s a perfume, a sentimental present, or an expensive item, be ready with your gift, for that’s the one she’s going to be looking forward the most.

4. Send flowers on the morning of the wedding.


Now, wouldn’t that be an amazing idea! Make her day by kick starting it with a bunch of her favorite roses or lilies that would commemorate what’s in store for the day. PS: nothing’s going to make her girlfriends more jealous!

5. Plan a private moment just before the ceremony.

Surprise Shutterink

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View Shaadisaga Store of Shutterink Photography Put your best friends to work here, and arrange for a quick meeting – for like, half an hour – before she rushes of to the salon to get ready. Sneak a few minutes alone, and come to terms with what’s about to happen in the next few hours.

6. Ensure that she has eaten.

Unless fasting the entire day is a requisite for both you as well as your bride (some clans follow this ritual), make sure that you remind her to stay satiated and healthy throughout the day. It is okay if you guys can’t eat together; remind her sister or her best friend to keep a check!

7. Thank her family with a sweet gesture.

You are, after all, marrying her entire family! Thank them for being an incredible set of people, and how you’re so ecstatict to finally be a part of their clan. Believe us, if this doesn’t make your bride feel proud of her choice for a life partner, nothing else does.

8. See her all decked up before anyone else does.

Cool bLUEZ

View Shaadisaga Store of Coolbluez Photography Old one, but still rocks! It may be bad luck in many communities to see each other before the ceremony, but nothing calms your nerves and makes your pre-wedding jitters numb like seeing her before anyone else does. We’re talking special moments here, and this sure as heck is one! Have you ever done anything romantic for your bride? Tell us in the comments below. Featured Image Credits: Harsheen Jammu Photography