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8 Most Adorable Poses For Brides & Their Mothers To Get Clicked On The D-Day

Bhavika Vallecha, 10 Oct 2017

A mother and a daughter’s relation is a very unexplainable relation in the world. They love each other unconditionally but find it difficult to pass even a day without fighting on the pettiest of things. That’s the beauty of the bond they share; it’s the love that need not be explained and proven every now and then, it’s just meant to be lived to the fullest. When it’s time for the daughter to get married and leave her parents, more than anything else, it’s a struggle to leave her mother’s side. She has been the guiding light and has stood through thick and thin. We know you're also your dad's princesses but you also know that moms are just the best.   

Here are some adorable poses that mothers and brides should pose when getting clicked on the D-day, so that you have beautiful photographs to cherish all your life and even show them to your children.

# You're my pride, Mom!

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# There's No Happier Place Than Beside You

# You're My Favourite Person

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# I Want To Be As Best As You

# You Make Me Beautiful 

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# You Give Me The Best Hugs

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# I Love You, Mom!

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Aren't these poses just adorable? Let us know what you think!