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8 Important Lessons I Learnt While Doing My Trousseau Shopping

Sanchita Sehgal, 19 Jul 2017

Wedding shopping surely does sound exciting. But you just can't go around mindlessly buying outfits for your trousseau. When I was shopping for my wedding, I learned a few important things that I feel brides-to-be tend to forget but are really important to remember before you splurge! 

So, if you are a bride-to-be, I am here to give you tips from the lessons that I have learned during my trousseau shopping.

Don’t go overboard with buying heavy suits In the excitement of being a newlywed girl, you might forget that soon you’ll be getting back to your daily routine and stock up heavy suits. But hello, who wear heavy suits at home? (Apart from our television show characters!). Moreover, the trend keeps changing, so buying a hell lot of heavy suits may not be a practical choice. Tip: If you're a summer bride, keep cotton suits handy and for a winter bride, simple silk suits would be a better choice.

Do opt for a variety of outfit options I followed a typical bridal route and ended up buying the usual salwar kameez and sarees as no one was there to assist me. But soon realised that I could have splurged on other outfits as well. Tip: Try keeping capes, palazzo pants and other things that you like. Focus on western formals too!

Keep a mix of colours It’s completely a bad idea of buying clothes of your favourite colours or only the bright ones. Things have changed and you should experiment with light colours. Tip: Make your trousseau a cocktail of a good colour collection.

Leave a margin in all stitched clothes No matter how good your metabolism is, no matter how much time you are sweating it out at the gym. You will surely gain some kilos, all thanks to your new house. Tip: Do leave a room for alteration.

Invest in some comfy nightwear and lingerie Sleepwear and lingerie are the most vital part of the wedding trousseau.  Focus on the different type of night wear starting from nightie, cotton night suits and satin ones. Tip: While buying lingerie, take different options to wear under western wear, Indian wear and other ones for indo-western wear. 

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Avoid buying makeup in bulk I did a mistake of purchasing makeup in bulk during my wedding shopping and completely forgot that they come up with an expiry date. Tip: Only keep in mind the essential makeup products before you buy. You can always buy later or as and when required.

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Buy light jewellery for daily wear We often buy huge & OTT jewellery sets that can be worn at upcoming weddings or other functions and forget that we’ll need daily wear jewellery (small pendants and earrings) too. Tip: Invest in these things too that you can wear to work.

Keep a budget ready for trousseau shopping before hand Do jot down the things you need before heading to markets and the budget. If you know your budget and things you want, you will not only save time but also energy during the stressful period.