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8 Fun & Romantic Ways to Surprise your Husband-to-be

Divya Arora, 18 Sep 2018

Surprising your significant other just to witness them be happy and jump with joy is an altogether one of the best feelings in the world, isn’t it? Well then brides-to-be, now that your wedding is around the corner how about making this most-cherished “before the wedding” phase more special for you and your hubby-to-be?

Now, who doesn’t love surprises, right? We know that coming up with thoughtful gifts and surprise ideas for a man is a tough nut to crack but, fret not! We’re here to help you with that and suggest you some great and romantic surprises and gifts that you can plan for your boo. These ideas are a sure shot win and would not only tug at his heart but would have him crazily head over heels for you. So, without waiting, jump right into these ideas and choose the best one for your husband-to-be!

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Romantic gifts & surprise ideas for your to-be-husband

1. Gift him a gaming console

We know this sounds weird and it leaves us women kinda offended when our man is more attentive towards his games than us but, it’s about making him happy this time, right? So if your man is a game fanatic then go ahead gift him his favorite gaming console. Choose among PS4, Xbox, VR or Nintendo Wii and believe us, he’s going to boast about his girl gifting him a gaming console like forever!

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2. A relaxing spa session

Ladies, amidst all that wedding planning and shopping that he has to take care of and for all the hard work he puts in his work day and night, he is bound to feel all tired and exhausted and of course stressed! Ask him to take a day off and then surprise him with a super relaxing spa or an aromatherapy session. Take him out to lunch later that day and spend some quality time together.
(Also, go take that spa sesh with him because we know you need it too!)

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3. A mini-moon

Take a break from the world and plan a short escapade for just the two of you. Step on that adventure and take a road trip to those lush green and silent hills or maybe fly to an exotic location? Chill out on the beaches, swim in the waters, run through the city roads, explore places and food; basically just go and have the time of your lives.

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4. Gifting him a watch

Yes this is the most basic of all but seriously, it’s one of the most loved “boy toys” that men love and literally go gaga over. So go ahead gift him his favorite brand’s watch and see those eyes gleam up with happiness and love for you.

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5. Romantic old-school dinner date

Book a place or drive away to some nearby romantic place and set up a typical candlelight dinner for your bae. Have it decorated with candles, have some amazing music playing for the two of you and just wine & dine and dance your hearts out. In short, pamper him just like you’d want yourself to be pampered! Spoil him!

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6. Plan a romantic proposal

It’s 21st-century girls and proposing your significant other shouldn’t be conditioned to ‘men proposing women’ only. Go ahead, take the step, go down on your knees and propose him. Plan it on a romantic getaway or have his family and friends involved, the choices and ways are endless. Believe us, ladies, nothing beats this and well it will obviously sweep him off his feet making him the happiest man in the world.

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7. Plan his favorite movie or TV series marathon night

Set up the place with scented candles, flowers and photographs, have his favorite food and wine (or beer) with a cozy sitting and enjoy the night binge watching his favorite movie series or TV series.

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8. Gift him a grooming kit

As much as you women are concerned about your looks and grooming so are these men. Gifting them a grooming kit particularly curated according to their needs is one of the most unique gifts for any man. Get your hands on some of the best available grooming kits here: 

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Ladies, how are you going to surprise your man? Share your ideas in the comments!