7 Wedding Night Myths that Need to be Addressed Right Away!

Veethi Telang, 03 Dec 2015

It’s a battle between Expectations and Reality. You expect to have a movie-like wedding night where you both reach your hotel room filled with scented candles, a bed that’s covered in rose petals, a bottle of champagne resting on the nightstand, and just you two, looking into the eyes of each other as you make love. The reality, however, is somewhat like this: your ceremony finally got done at 3 AM, both you and your spouse are unbelievably tired, your mamas, chachas,and a hundred cousins won’t leave your side, and once they do, you’re either too exhausted to keep your eyes open, or you don’t sleep at all. Any which way, your idea of the so-called wedding night goes down the drain. So, to save yourself all the drama and glass shattering, we thought we’d bust some common myths about wedding nights so that you’re prepared. Shall we?

Myth 1: The wedding night is celebrated right after the wedding.


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Umm, sure. If you’re not surrounded by a gazillon family members, or have an early-morning puja. You see, as much as we’d like a “Game of Thrones Bedding Ritual” where the rest of the family members carry the groom to the bedroom, it’s no longer a part of our wedding culture today.

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Myth 2: If it is, you've got to do "it" on your wedding night.

If, you get lucky, and by lucky, we mean that you get to spend the limited amount of time in one room with your spouse, it’s a common belief that you must go all the way. We ask, why? You have you entire life ahead of you to do that! Why would you want to do the deed even if you may not want to, when instead, you could talk, get accustomed to the fact that you both just got married, and sleep peacefully?

Myth 3: It determines how sex is going to be with you two for the rest of your life.


Wow! What a day to determine your sexual prowess on. So, let me get this straight, you two haven’t had a second to yourself amidst all the mayhem, you’re freaked out beyond sense, your clan is everywhere, and your friends won’t stop teasing you about what comes next. Sure, let us know how that works for you in the bedroom.

Myth 4: You've got to get pregnant.

Condoms – you should try them sometime. On another note, we’re way, way past the era when the sole purpose of consummating a marriage was to produce babies. In fact, you’ll be astonishing to know how common this myth still is among the youth of today. Here’s the bottom line though - Your wedding night is much more than sex and babies (and also, no babies till both of you’re ready!).

Myth 5: Your wedding night is not successful if you didn't reach an orgasm.

By far, our favorite! It might interest you to know that around 70% happily-married women fake orgasms on a regular basis. So, if you’re good at math, you can calculate the odds of reaching an orgasm on your wedding night, amidst all the pressure, and the time crunch, and the exhaustion. Good luck.

Myth 6: That size matters.


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So, you’re saying, if you don’t like the size, you wouldn’t go ahead with it? We’re sure you’re not going to carry a ruler to your wedding, and discard the idea of sex if you’re not impressed with the inches. Here’s the crux; sexperts say, size doesn’t matter if you know how to use it. So, instead of believing in such myths, maybe, you could figure out a way to enhance your skills, if you know what we mean.

Myth 7: The bride is "impure" if she doesn't bleed.

Honestly, what year is it again? Are we living in the Viking era? Have we time-travelled to the past?If you’re a would-be-groom reading this, don’t even mention this in front of the bride, if you really care about her feelings. Yes, hymen rupture may or may not cause bleeding, but you know, a variety of physical activities such as cycling or workouts at the gym could lead to that. If this is not enough, let us tell you that pre-marital sex is quickly catching up among today’s youth. And so, to expect your new bride to bleed during sex is only going to lead you to disappointment. Got some more wedding myths for us? Let us bust them for you. Drop a comment below!

Featured Image Credits: Shiv Sharma Photography