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7 Trendiest Mehndi Decors For 2018 Weddings: Top Decorators Reveal

Bhavika Vallecha, 02 Dec 2017

It’s your wedding in 2018 and you’ve already started sprawling Instagram and Pinterest for some drooling mehndi decors. But we guess you’re still confused what to choose and what will trend by the time it’s 2018. In our previous blog, we scrapped some decors from 2017 which also our decorators had enough of.

Enough of These Wedding Decors From 2017: Top Decorators Reveal

After speaking to many experts from the industry we have handpicked decors which even we think will be stunners in 2018 weddings. Take down these decor ideas and forward the pictures to your wedding decorator. 

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1. Tropical Touch

This is our personal favourite! Who could think of adding a tropical touch to a mehndi ceremony that to an indoor one? The very able decorators Aash Studio did! They created a fruit and flower market for a mehndi and that also turned out to be a very cool photo booth!

2. Deeper Colour Scheme

Ritu Maggo and The Wedding Designers are letting go of pastels and neons, and are welcoming deeper shades all over again. Additionally, using Jute/ burlap table runners is a great option to hue down the tone of the decor, making it look subtle and sober. 

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3. Holi Theme

This particular trend was the newest in 2017 and is expected to stay longer. Mor Punk is in complete awe of this concept. 

4. Bohemian in feel

Because mehndi has become more personal this season, it has become an extension of the couple as far as detailing is concerned. Shyamalee Thevar reveals, "Clients are looking for customized décor and in accordance with that, we are working a lot on the lines of Art Pop, Contemporary Retro, Music Fest look."

5. Fusion & DIY

This year was either purely Indian or purely vintage themes, next year should see a fusion of these two, suggests Designer Events Inc. Few interesting props which could rule the Decor trends next year are DIY Wool hangings,  Crepe paper hangings and props made of straw as hangings, backdrops or centrepieces.

6. Diwans and Khatias

For Mehndi colourful diwans, special bridal seats/canopy/cascades should be an up-coming trend according to Shribha Wedding.

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7. Ikkat Prints for that English touch

You probably must have seen this print in home decors and clothes but never for a mehndi. To bring out the quirk element from home to weddings, With Love Noor experimented this trend for weddings and they're loving the outcomes.

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