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7 Things I Learnt From My Honeymoon In Bali

Neha Garg, 03 Sep 2016

After rejecting Kerala, Andamans, Sri Lanka and many other exotic options for our honeymoon, my husband, Sufi and I finally decided to go to Bali. You might be wondering why Bali? We simply chose the location because of the famous white sand beaches, natural beauty, Balinese hospitality and the rich culture. This peaceful island has endless reasons to attract couples and newlyweds in search of a romantic getaway. So, whether Bali is on your honeymoon list or anniversary celebrations, here is what we would like to share from our honeymoon to help you plan your trip better!

Volcano Site - Bali Destination Honeymooon

#1 No Direct Flight To Bali

Sadly, there are no direct flights from Delhi to Bali. But you can choose to take a layover either at Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) or Singapore. It takes a total of 8 hours to reach Denpasar International Airport (Bali) from Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi).

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#2 Resort Recommendations

We stayed at two different resorts to experience the diverse Balinese hospitality.

Satriya Cottages

Barely a few footsteps from the Kuta Beach, Satriya Cottages was our home for the first 3 days of our week-long honeymoon. We booked a poolside room with a view of their lush green garden. The staff here is very friendly and the services are extremely spot on. If you want to book a taxi or hire a bike, transportation services can be availed at the cottage.

Cost per night: Rs 6,000/- approx.

Puri Gangga Resort & Spa

Puri Gangga Resort Entrance - Bali Destination Honeymooon

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For the next 4 days, we stayed at Puri Gangga Resort. It is situated in Sebatu, which is a 20-minute drive from the hustle-bustle of Ubud. We enjoyed the beautiful view of the pool, valley, and garden from our private balcony.

Private Balcony - Bali Destination Honeymooon

The restaurant, Kailasha, serves a variety of local and western delicacies, and has live music and Balinese dance performances on alternate days. Kudos to the staff of the hotel as they are well-versed with English, which is a rare thing to find in Bali.

Cost per night-Rs 12,000/- approx

#3 Transportation Tricks

Everybody told us that taxi is the only way to reach from one place to another but that turned out to be false! Once we reached Bali, we found that hiring a bike is a far more convenient and cheaper option as the petrol prices there are really low (30 INR per litre). We hired a bike for 60 Rupiah a day (around 300 INR), made a list of places and planned our day tours. We took halts and spent as much time as we wanted at spots we liked. We didn’t come across any hassle while riding as the roads were straight with sign boards given. We had GPS on our phones, an international license to drive and helmets for our safety.

Pro tip: Bargain at least 50% if you plan to hire a taxi.

#4 Places We Loved In Bali

  • Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach - Bali Destination Honeymooon

We had fondest memories at one of the most scenic beaches of Bali. We watched the sun go down, made new friends and just relaxed ourselves. And as this city never sleeps, we found that the restaurants and nightclubs around the beach area are always packed with visitors. In the daytime, we explored the local markets and sadly found things are too expensive. So, I would suggest buy only if you find anything extraordinary, otherwise it's advisable to skip.

  • Diving and Sea walk at Nusa Dua Beach

This is one of the spectacular beaches where you can be adventurous. Try jet ski, banana boat, sea walker and scuba diving.

  • Ubud

Ubud, famous for handmade art and crafts, is the heart of Bali. You can also visit Ubud Palace, local temples and paddy fields for sightseeing.

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  • Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Monkey Forest - Bali Destination Honeymooon

The monkeys here are not only friendly but co-operative as well. If you want to interact or get clicked with them, just feed them bananas. This lush green forest sanctuary has a waterfall too, that adds beauty to this place.

  • Coffee Plantation Gardens

Coffee Plantation - Bali Destination Honeymooon

Bali has several coffee plantation gardens producing different types of coffee. Not only can you see the coffee plants, but also see the                     whole process of how coffee beans are made. The best thing is you can taste the coffee samples first and then buy from the store if you like it!

  • Tegenungan Waterfall

The view here was so amazing that we couldn’t hold back our excitement. We immediately put on our swimming costumes and straight away jumped into the sparkling water. Mind you, the water can be freezing cold! Entry fee = 10,000 Rupiah (51 INR) per person.

  • Miniapolis Bird Sanctuary

Miniapolis Bird Sanctuary - Bali Destination Honeymooon

Surprisingly, we spent nearly 4 hours at the zoo and absolutely loved it! Bird Show, Animal show and Elephant Safari are the highlights of this sanctuary.

  • Volcano Site, Mount Batur

Kintamani Volcano Site - Bali Destination Honeymooon

If you are an early riser and a nature lover then you must trek to the Volcano site. Situated at a distance of around 2 hours and 30 minutes from Ubud.

Road Trip to Batur - Bali Destination Honeymoon

We did a bike trip to this exotic place and saw crater lake, natural hot springs & a landscape view of the entire region from the top.

  • Pura Tanah Lot

This temple is known for its serendipity and cultural significance with Balinese mythology. The walk towards the temple with water on both the sides was an experience we can never forget.

Note: You can’t go bare legs inside the temples. Carry something to cover your legs or ask for it outside the temple.

#5 Pamper Time With Spa And Massages

After all that sightseeing around the city, it was a wonderful experience to end the day with a rejuvenating spa.  Bali is packed with salons and spas to relax, pamper and rejuvenate. It is an experience you should not miss. And for a special honeymoon treat, you can book a couples massage that will cost you around 120-130 Rupiah (around 700 INR).

#6 Where To Eat And Drink In Bali

Eat: Let me tell you, finding Indian vegetarian food is a hell of a task here in Bali (yes, I am a vegetarian!). After asking the local people, we finally found a restaurant “Queen’s of India” that serves yummy food both veg & non-veg. They have branches in Seminyak, Ubud and Nusa Dua too. But when we were in Ubud, we discovered another Indian Restaurant named “Sitara”. On my husband’s suggestion, I tried the food and it was finger-licking good. I strongly recommend Sitara over Queen’s of India when you are in Ubud.

Note: There are not too many restaurants for vegetarian food but yes, if you are a non-vegetarian then you have endless options, especially in seafood. Also, do not forget to try out the local Balinese cuisine.

Drink: Alcohol is easily available in Bali and it’s not that costly either. If you like beer or want to try one, then I would recommend ‘Bintang Beer’. It is Indonesia’s local beer and tastes amazing. A full bottle costs around 150 INR.

#7 Things To Keep In Mind:

Local Currency

I remember paying 6 lakh Rupiah on our first dinner date which left us shocked but after the calculations, we found it was just 3000 INR! Bali uses Indonesia’s Rupiah as its main currency. Our Re 1 is equivalent to 194.74 Rupiah. So feel rich when you pay in Lakhs there!

Native Language

Balinese is the most common language spoken in Bali. I believe, it’s good to learn a bit of the local language when you are visiting as this will enhance you to connect better with the people. It also helps in asking directions or while bargaining for souvenirs.

During our trip, we learned these few commonly used phrases:

1.  Thank you: Suksma

2.  Good Morning: Rahajeng Semeng

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3.  Excuse Me: Sugra Nggih!

4.  How much: Aji Kuda Niki?

5.  Good Bye: Selamat Tinngal

6.  See you later: Sampai Jumpa (pronounced as sam pie joompa)

If we could do it again, we won’t give a second thought to it and just book the tickets for our second honeymoon to the SAME PLACE. Yes, undoubtedly, we loved Bali that much!