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7 Secret Ways to Surprise your Bride-to-be BFF before her Wedding

Divya Arora, 05 Sep 2018

Hi, there all you bridesmaids-to-be! For the unbreakable bond that you share with your best friend and the overwhelming emotions that you’re entranced with now that she’s getting married, it is only fitting that you’d want to make her feel as special as she really is. And if you desire to go OTT and surprise your bestie bride-to-be in some amazing ways then believe us, you’ve landed at the right place.

With brides treating & spoiling their bridesmaids and bridesmaids pampering their bride-to-be BFF, this circle of showering love is truly heartwarming and simply unending.

So without further ado, let’s tell you how you as a bridesmaid can surprise your BFF bride before her wedding in ways that are super adorable and would have her going gaga with happiness.

Gifts & surprise ideas for 'bride-to-be' BFF from her Bridesmaids

1. Plan an exotic international vacation

Sure we have tons of places in India for that ultimate bachelorette vacay but girls, take that international trip already. Pack your super hot beachwear and those teeny weeny dresses and set off for a hot and sizzling vacation. Sunbathe on the beaches, party your heart out, splurge and pamper yourselves. Basically, go live your lives like there’s no tomorrow.

2. Or plan an adventurous road trip

Your bestie might surely be going to have the rest of the road trips with her hubby-to-be but, if she's someone who loves road trips, plan one to her favorite destination before she ties the knot. Visit hills and quaint towns, camp around, indulge in adventurous sports and have a thrilling and an adrenaline gushing trip to remember for the rest of your lives.

3. Decorate her room for her

Take her breath away by giving her a cutesy pretty pre-wedding surprise by decorating her room. Have it decorated with balloons or flowers in her favorite hues along with your photos with her and fairy lights or aromatic candles in her favorite scents. Also, make sure to have those huge “Bride-to-be” foil balloons on the walls or laid on her bed. Trust us she’s going to be left spellbound!

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4. Gift her a romantic dinner date with her hubby-to-be

Surprise her out of nowhere and plan a mushy old-school dinner date for her and her bae. How about getting a privately booked place and having it nicely decorated just for the two of them? Sounds so ‘awww’, right?

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5. A relaxing spa or aromatherapy sesh

With all the wedding shopping and planning going around, your BFF is bound to get stuck in that circle of excitement and jittery and end up getting stressed out. Gifting her a relaxing spa or an aromatherapy session to calm her nerves and feed her with miracle foods to maintain her glow would be surely one of the best ways to show your love to her. (We don’t think she’d mind if you join her too tho!)

6. Gift her ‘a something’ from her favorite brands

Clothes, shoes, accessories, and makeup—gifting her a hamper full of her favorite brands is something that she is oh-so-obviously going to love (like really really love). That is something one can never go wrong with and well you being her best friend know what she loves. (And oh, don’t forget to put ‘em candies in there too!)

7. How about her favorite movie or TV series themed bachelorette?

Ladies, throw her a bachelorette party (don't forget that fun rulebook btw) themed on her favorite movie or TV series. From having the place decorated accordingly and dressing up as the characters to having personalized drinks & food spread, goodies and props, we’re sure your bestie bride-to-be will go berserk with happiness unsurmountable and would fall in love with you all over again.

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Girls, what do you think about these surprises? How do you plan to surprise your best friend to make her feel special? Share your ideas in the comments to let us know!