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6 Ways To Add Your Love Story To Your Wedding!

Sanchita Kalra, 08 Mar 2017

Ever since Kresha Bajaj of Koesch kick-started the trend of embroidering her love story on her wedding lehenga, every wedding that we have recently seen has an element of personal touch.  And we realised that there are so many creative and unique ways through which you can incorporate your love story to your wedding. Moreover, what better way to tell the guests about your cute-little-love-story who are relentlessly asking you beta, how did you two meet? It's 2017 and it's legit to make your wedding unique!

We found 6 amazing ways to share the joy of your love story with the guests :)

#1 On Wedding Invites

Marrying your high school love? Say it through your wedding invite just like this couple did.

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Image Credits: Po Tweet

Another wedding invite in the form of boarding passes. Why? Because the couple met on a flight while travelling, stayed connected through social media and are now marrying each other!

Image Credits: Amour Affairs

#2 On Wedding Outfits

Whether you’re wearing a lehenga or a saree on your wedding, embroidering your love story on it can never get old. Take a hint from these brides who took inspiration from Kresha Bajaj's love story embroidered lehenga!

Image Credits: Koesch Instagram

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#3 In Your Mehendi Design

Image Credits: What Knot Wedding Photography

Take a clue from the famous blogger Masoom Minawala who recreated her fond memories of her proposal in London on her mehendi! Read more how brides are adding their love stories in their mehendi

#4 Love Timelines

If you want to tell your guests about all the major dates from your love story, right from where you met first,  how you met, when was the proposal and other cute little details, make a timeline.

#5 In Your Table Decor

Think about a little something that you feel attached to as a couple and have it in your table decor. Masoom Minawala displayed tiny replicas of the London Eye (ferris wheel) on her sangeet function as that’s where her now husband, Shailin, proposed to her.  

Image Credits: Arjun Menon, Art Leaves A Mark

Another way of incorporating your love story in table decor is by placing cards printed with ‘how we met” story.

#7 As Photo Booths

Remember writing love letters to your beloved? Now it’s time to display them or tidbits of your love story on photo booth as Masoom Minawala did.

Image Credits: Arjun Menon, Art Leaves A Mark

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Have a flashback of your proposal by recreating the moment in a form of photo booth and this hot air balloon is precisely doing that (it's where the groom proposed the bride!)

Image Credits: Lakshya Chawla

This couple got engaged in Goa and that’s why had a photo booth depicting the seaside.

Image Credits: Serendipitous Smiles 

How are you planning to include your love story in your wedding? Tell us in the comments below!