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6 Easy Ways To Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly (that are NOT a pain in your a**)

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 07 Feb 2017

Haven’t we all read about reusing and recycling things in schools? Well, that’s how most of us have been brought up. Now with the evolution of so many new concepts, one’s personality often gets reflected in the weddings that they throw. We at Shaadisaga believe that there’s nothing more unique than a wedding which is thoughtfully curated keeping in mind both the traditional and modern ways of doing things!

With new ideas like go green and eco-friendly weddings, aren’t we made more conscious about the environment we live in? Who would have thought that Wedding Decorator Nilma Dileepan of With Love Nilma, had given seed papers as her own wedding invitation card so that her guests could plant them later. Thoughtful, right?

So are you wondering what an eco-friendly wedding is? Or is the concept Go Green Wedding confusing you. Well, let us help you out a little then.

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Go Green Wedding + Eco-Friendly = Same?

Technically, no. A Go Green Wedding is something where there’s an infusion of a lot of creepers, greens, succulents, herbs and ferns. Eco-friendly wedding on the other hand is the entire (broader) spectrum which includes everything from the food, décor, invitations, cutlery, wedding favors and even theme.  Also, whatever amount gets wasted in a wedding is used later for composting.

How Can You Have An Eco-Friendly Wedding


→ Create paper-less invites (email invites/videos) or get them made from eco-friendly papers or seeds that can be planted later. You can also opt for block prints, handmade or recycled papers, natural dyes and reusable boxes for the invites.

Image Credits: Simran Monga


→ Encourage guests to go green and give away plants/ herb seeds, mini potted planners, earthen jars or on-the-go edible treats as wedding favors. Use handmade cloths to wrap the gifts instead of plastic wrappers.

Image Credits: With Love Nilma (L); Simran Monga (R)

Use handmade cloths to wrap the gifts instead of plastic wrappers.

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Image Credits: Poonam Mayank Sharma


→ Opt for a day wedding in an outdoor setting as that will help you save up a lot of electricity.

Image Credits: Vrutika Doshi Photography


→ Choose a caterer who organically manages the food waste and opt for an NGO to pick up the excess food at the wedding to share with the needy. Use newspapers instead of paper napkins and edible spoons instead of the regular ones to serve the same purpose.

 Image Credits: Frontal Knots 

You can also keep a coconut-water counter too with reusable glasses and steel straws (instead of the plastic ones).

Image Credits: Poonam Mayank Sharma


→ Do not throw the puja samagri or any garlands into the Yamuna! Just dip them in a bucket of water and later put them in a small ditch in your garden or a potted plant back at home and simply cover it with soil. Invitation designer Simran Monga's family started doing this since last Diwali.  


→ There are tons of ideas that you can use for having an eco-friendly décor. How about a leafy stage backdrop for the perfect ‘green’ pictures; a phoolon ki chaadar without ‘phool’; handwritten chalkboards or homemade planters for an entrance display. Stay tuned to see more of Décor ideas in our next post

Image Credits: With Love Nilma (L); Poonam Mayank Sharma (R)

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Featured Image Credits: Photo Buddies

Do you have more ideas on the eco-friendly weddings? Share with us in the comments below!