6 Real Couples Who Ditched The Grand Wedding and Donated Their Money!

Nidhi Chaudhary, 09 Mar 2017

Who doesn’t want a grand wedding? Let’s be honest - at least once in our lifetime, each of us has imagined the way we want our wedding to happen. From wearing a Sabyasachi lehenga, to having a destination wedding, to even hiring the most expensive makeup artist, we’ve dreamt of it, haven’t we?  

While it’s totally legit to splurge on some (or all!) of your wedding dreams, there’s a growing number of couples who are choosing to use their wedding budget on making other people’s dreams come true!

Read their inspiring stories, and if you’re someone who holds a cause close to your heart, you could consider following in their footsteps!

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1. For Vivek and Vasant Vadke’s daughter, money was only spent on essentials for the wedding. The INR 6 lakh they saved was donated to two villages in Maharashtra.

2.Thilak and Dhana hosted their wedding reception as a fundraiser - guests made donations to an educational fund for underprivileged children!

3. Nishkaam and Poonam used the $20,000 they had saved to start an app called ‘Share The Meal’ that helped provide 40,000 school meals to the starving children in Aleppo.

Image Credits: Monica Luhar

4. Aditya Tiwari, who was India’s first single dad, invited over 10,000 homeless people and orphans for his wedding, along with more than 1,000 stray and zoo animals.

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5. At their wedding last year, Mumbai-based Deware and Kumbhare donated INR 20,000 each to 10 families who suffered because of farmers’ suicides.

Image Credits: The Logical Indian

6. Jitendra Patel invited over 18,000 widows for his son's wedding and distributed blankets and sapling to them. 500 widows were also gifted a cow each.

Image Credits: India Today

Featured Image Credits:  The Logical Indian

Know any couples who did a good deed on their wedding?

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