6 Quirky Accessories to Wear to the Next Wedding You Attend!!

Neha Garg, 17 Jul 2015

Are you one of those understated friends of the bride whose idea of dressing for a wedding is either a suave lehenga or a heavily-embellished saree? Please, time to up the ante. You see, weddings are one occasion where everybody is already so dressed up! So, even if you go that extra mile and throw in a couple of bold, stand-out accessories, you’ll fit just right in. Thanks to a few coming-of-age wedding jewelry designers like House of Chic, Outhouse, and Farah Khan, the jewelry “scene” in our country has really gone up a notch. I mean, snake necklaces, skull bracelets, and… lizard earrings! That’s right. Now, before creeping you out any further, let’s get back to the point. The thing is, should you wish to add a little eccentricity and originality to your outfit for the next Indian wedding you’re out to attend, now is your chance. Here go six quirky accessories to brighten up your traditional ensemble:

The Hathphool

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Image: Morvi Images Where is it written that hathphools are copyrighted to the bride's alone? Hathphools are glamourous additions to your ensemble, and make your hands look super-pretty. Go all out with them, no need to stick to the usual chains and crystals. Our recommendation? A sultry kundan hathphool in a color that contrasts with the color of your dress.

The Mother of Statement Necklaces


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Wearing just another jewelry set to the wedding? You know what, don’t. Amidst all the bling and extravagance at the wedding, it’s not going to make you look any extra. If you’re feeling a bit daring, invest in a larger-than-life traditional necklace that’s sure to turn heads! The good thing about it is, you can team it up with almost anything you wear, be it a saree, a lehenga, or even a short-sleeved, deep-neck traditional gown. Simply add a gorgeous ring to complement the necklace and complete the look.



Image CRedits Thanks to the Sabyasachi’s Royal Wedding Collection back in 2013, headbands made a much-awaited comeback to the traditional scene. No, they’re not the usual Swarowski-studded headbands that’ll count as just another modest accessory. They’re full-fledged, intricate hair pieces that’ll ensure you need nothing else to amp up your outfit. Whether with a saree, a lehenga, or even a cropped choli and skirt, traditional headbands are one of the trendiest accessories to own this season.

The Half Matha Patti Style


Image Credits Let the full Matha-Patti be the prerogative of the bride! The half Matha Patti is a gorgeous accessory to give your lehenga just the boost it needs. You may not see a lot of women wearing this one for it may look a bit over-the-top. But, if you keep the rest of the look understated, there’s absolutely no risk of you “stealing her thunder”. After all, you don’t want to end up replicating the bride, do you?

The Round Nath


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Here’s the oomph your monotone outfit needs! Dare to wear the much-in-vogue Nath? Brought back in trend by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor and Vidya Balan, the Nath is no longer the bride’s privilege! As long as you pick one in a medium size, you’ve got ‘nath’-ing else to worry about (sorry!).

Braid Embellishments


 Image Credits No, we’re not talking about the tiny ghungrus and beads! We’re talking full-blown braid jewelry that’ll put all other braids at the wedding to shame! If you’re blessed with hair to die for, the braid adorned with intricate, extravagant braid jewelry is going to guarantee a second look at any wedding you attend! To avoid looking excessive though, choose a lehenga in modest, pastel shades, and let the braid be the center of the attention. And that, is how you swing at modern Indian weddings! There’s so much fun you can have dressing up for weddings when you’re in a mood to go that extra mile. Have you tried any of the above? How did you team them up? Tell us in the comments below!

Writing Credits: Veethi Telang