If hiring an event planner and an ace stylist still hasn’t brought you peace of mind, then we would like to royally welcome you into the world of bride-zillas! As the bride-to-be, there are no less than a thousand thoughts going through your mind at all times. You want this, don’t want that, like this and then end up hating that. Most of your thoughts are outrageously crazy and every bit hilarious. But, that's the fun of it right? It's almost like a parallel world co-existing with the reality.

So, just to add a pinch of humour into your everyday busy bride-to-be journey, we have put together such seven crazy things that every bride-to-be does before her marriage:

1. Go bonkers with screenshots

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Our phones have more screenshots (of designer outfits, table settings, makeup tricks) and lesser of family pictures. What to do, there’s so much to see and steal for our wedding. 

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2. Mera vaala PINK!

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From deep pink to baby pink, buying everything in pink is one thing every bride does before marriage and we are guilty of it too! Our wedding trousseaus are literally another Jaipur in the making.

3. Try out all skin and hair treatments

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Seriously, our salon aunties are literally sick of us. We want to experiment with every new skin treatment in town and at the same time know about the one's that we haven't tried out yet. It's a case of the curious cat, you see!

4. Loading up on Makeup

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Yes, we need all the available lip colours, lip stains, lip liners and lip enhancers. And that mascara, that cheek stain, a highlighter for enhanced cheekbones, give’em all to us!

5. Overplanning your Honeymoon

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C'mon we need detailed planning to make our first holiday a memorable one. Those honeymoon pictures just have to come out legendary. So, we need to pre-decide on the looks for each day and the restaurants to eat at and the wines that we will be sipping. That's not called overplanning, is it?

6. Judging other brides, constantly.

Let’s admit it! We have all thought that we are not going to be a typical bride. We have looked at married girls and refrained from the thought of dressing or doing things in that particular way. Like seriously, we lay our own rules, don't we?

7. Losing calm over petty issues

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What if the tassels of my lehenga are too less? Or what if the stage decor doesn't match the colour of my outfit? Should I go for a different Makeup artist or stick to the same? If such thoughts are giving you sleepless nights, join the gang!

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Do these thoughts go through your mind as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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