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5 ways to make your skin radiant before your D-Day

Neha Garg, 17 Mar 2016

Happy brides are the prettiest brides. The Wedding is the happiest and life-changing day of your life is soon to step in your life. Have you started pampering yourself for the big day? If you think there are months left for the wedding, then, dearie, forget the number of days, begin the 5 magical ways which would glow your skin ravishingly on the wedding day. As you are going to be cynosure of all eyes, from head to toe you must be flawless. Especially your skin, which is the mirror of your lifestyle, so read our most recommended ideas that would make your skin radiant naturally before the D-Day.

Change Your Diet

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This is the first step that would make you look spellbind. A small change in your diet, can make a huge difference. Start your day with hot lime water to flush out the toxins, then eat 4 square nourishing meal. Involve green veggies, dry fruits, and omega-3 fatty foods and reduce your bing on junkies, soda pops, fatty foods. So, bride-to-be flush your body toxins away and notice the way you start glowing beautifully.

Sweat and Beam Beautifully


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We all know, how difficult it is to motivate yourself for exercising. But if you are looking for a tremendous change, then we suggest involve at least 15-30 minutes of exercise in your daily routine. Take baby steps- enroll at the gym, join dance club, go for a brisk walk, or follow your celebrity exercises, do anything that makes you happy. Thus, when you start sweating you are improving your blood circulation which would help in beaming your skin. Even include yoga to reduce your stress levels and see the lambency of your skin.

Make Water Your Best Friend


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Another amazing mantra to get natural radiance- drink water. We say, make water your bestie, water would flush the toxins from your body and keep your body hydrated. A 12-15 glass of water or 2 liters of water would do the magic. Also, if you want, you can add vitamin C supplements to your water which would help in bringing a splendor to your skin. Apart from water, drink fresh fruit juices such as watermelon juice, cucumber juice, berry juices and so on.

Pamper Your Skin

Pamper skin

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Soon-to-be brides, if you want glowing skin, then you have to take care of yourself like a baby. Pamper yourself lavishly, start that at home- begin with washing your face twice a day, remove makeup before going to bed.

Furthermore, make a regular practice of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing your skin and the results would be within few weeks. Also indulge in DIY homemade face masks, regular facials and spas. Whenever you out of your home, apply good SPF sunscreen and protect your skin from harmful radiations. For acne prone skin women, we advise you to consult a dermatologist and be picky about your food.

Turn Into A Sleeping Beauty


The last powerful mantra for all the brides to be, if you don't want to turn into a bridezilla, then have a 6-8 hours sleep. If your work life doesn't let you sleep for 6-8 hours, then try taking power-naps, yet we would suggest you to sleep minimum for 6 hours so that your body stress and hormone levels are balanced. You definitely don't want baggy eyes, dark circles before your wedding, so princess turn into a sleeping beauty and calm your mind and body with a good 6-8 hours sleep.

Look radiant and ravishing bride on your wedding and do share with us your lovely comments.

Writing Credits: Priya Jha