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5 Unique & Interesting Wedding Gift Ideas You Would've Never Thought by Yourself

Neha Garg, 22 Jun 2015

Nope. Not another show-piece. Toss that idea right now! Aren't you just done with them? What newlywed couple wants yet another painting for their new house? Or a flower vase? It's time you moved beyond the usual, and made way for some quirky wedding gifts that'll leave a mark on the minds of the bride and groom. And no, we're also not going to be talking about the cliched “Mr-Mrs. Right” pillow covers (very original!), personalized mugs (oh, please) or funky ashtrays (seriously, how old are you?) That said, I'm a staunch supporter of an envelope full of cash too (nothing's as appealing as a thick bundle of green, am I right?). But, gifts have their own unique way of communicating to a person that you care enough to spare a few minutes from your life and think about their likes and dislikes. Simply put, you want them to remember you for something you did. And gifts, are a perfect way to do that, provided you go an extra mile. So, let's dig a little deeper and contemplate our choices. Here goes a list of some unusual, fun gift ideas that you can consider for a wedding, regardless of the venue and theme:

A Mixed Bag, with a Twist

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Image Credits What's better than one gift? 20 gifts! And this one, you mustn't pick just randomly from a gift store. Instead, make one yourself! This idea for a wedding gift is the perfect opportunity for you to show how much you really know about the bride or groom. Simply fix a budget, and start assembling tiny objects you can place in a huge basket. What tiny objects, you ask? Well, it could be anything from inexpensive gadgets the duo may like, to quirky toiletries, and even gift coupons. The upside is, you can be as cliched as you want to be, as long as there's an attractive pool of items in the basket.

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Honeymoon Gear/Survival Kit

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Image Credits Have they decided on where they're going for the honeymoon? Your newlywed friends may need a set of essentials to make sure their trip is easy going and hassle-free. For instance, if the couple has chosen a beach destination, you could compile stylish beach essentials like sunscreens, hats, a cute bikini set for the lady, among others. Alternately, if the couple is going to be honeymooning amidst mountains, a thoughtful gesture would be to gift them hiking essentials such as disposable cameras, sunglasses, a backpack and gloves. In both cases, throw in a travel tripod so that they can take cute pictures of themselves without foreign help.

A Collection of Classy Erotica

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Image Credits Great friends with the couple? Here's your chance to add some cheekiness to your wedding present! Now, we're no longer teenagers who won't think beyond the crass (umm, you know what I mean, don't you?). We're adults, and our choices better be classy with just a touch of affluence. So, how about a collection of classy erotic books that are perfect for your friends who're on their way to tie the knot? Trust us on this one – even if neither of them is a bookworm, they'd read these, for obvious reasons (wink!). Our suggestions? Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller, Anything for You by Rachel Kramer Bussel, and Wetlands by Charlotte Roche.

Personalized pictures

Image 4

Image Credits Here's one of the coolest budget-friendly wedding gift ideas you'll ever think of! Know someone who knows Photoshop? Create a cool album of the bride and groom with pictures of their favorite superhero couples. Only this time, photoshop the bride and groom's faces on the superheroes. Not only does this make for a great gag gift, it'll be something they'll cherish forever. Seriously, imagine a photo of Superman and Wonder woman, only this time, with the couple's smiling faces on them!

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Bring your talent to use


Image Credits This, I've found, is one of the best wedding gifts you can ever give to the bride and groom. There's loads of thoughtfulness and care in it, and it's certainly better than any materialistic gift out there. So, tell me, can you sing? Can you play a musical instrument? Are you an artist? Make use of your talent for that'll be a definite standout among the hundreds of gifts the couple receives on the big day. Record their favorite love song or perform one, capture their love in a unique photograph or a piece of art. Gift it to them on their wedding and see how their faces light up. Swanky, thoughtful or deliberate, wedding gifts must mean something. And yours will simply stand out amidst a horde of the predictable flower bouquets, cutlery and dinner sets (and cash, don't forget cash). Have you ever gone that extra mile and gifted something eccentric to a couple on their wedding? Tell us in the comments below.

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Writing Credits: Veethi Telang