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5 Things To Keep In Mind As A Bride-To-Be For Your Beach Wedding!

Sanchita Kalra, 08 Nov 2016

Planning a destination wedding is a lot of fun. And why not? After all, it's like a mini-vacay for everyone who is a part of the wedding planning. But the preparations and arrangements that you need to make for a destination wedding also depends on the kind of location you're choosing for the wedding. And not so long ago, we told you about 8 Lessons That A Real Bride Learnt While Planning Her Destination Wedding so make sure you learn them by heart because they are the MUST-KNOW things for every destination wedding unless you're planning a beach wedding of course!

And if you're specifically planning a beach destination wedding, here are a few points that YOU as a bride-to-be should take care of:

Time Of  Your Functions When you're having the wedding functions at the beach, make sure you pick the right month. Avoid summers or monsoons because not only will you be feeling hot and humid in your wedding attire but also your family and friends who will be running around doing most of the work for you!

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And when you have decided the season for the wedding, set the time of every function too. For the beach wedding, it's best to get married when the sunlight is not too harsh, therefore, sunset is the best time to get pretty pictures! Don't forget to carry sunglasses!

On Deciding The Outfit For Beach Functions While picking a wedding outfit (anarkali/lehenga/saree), make sure you go for something light both in colour as well as the fabric. Heavy outfits will make you walk with great difficulty on the sand and that will ultimately reflect on your face which will eventually result in bad photographs.And you definitely don’t want to do that! Also, hassle-free outfits in pastel colours work extremely well for day weddings.

Heels Or No Heels? Heels are a big no no because they'll sink in the sand. And don't even think of walking barefoot on the sand as it's going to be very hot. But if you want to add some extra height, opt for wedges because they won't sink. The ideal thing to do is to make sure you have the outfits tailored according to your actual height and not keep 2-3 inches extra (for heels) unless you want to drag the outfit on the sand :-P

Hair & Makeup For functions at the beach, you'll have to apply lots of sunscreen to avoid tanning. Go for matt lip colours as the glossy ones might make the sand stick on your lips.  Also, weather at the beach can become breezy in the evening, therefore, go for an updo hairstyle so that your hair is tied and you're able to move freely.

But wait, before you make all the above decisions, another important thing to do is:

Prepare Your Guests! Don't forget to keep your relatives and friends informed about the wedding functions that are taking place at the beach so that even they're prepared and planned.

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Are you also a bride who's also planning a beach wedding? Share your tips with us below!