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5 Things Every Guy Would Feel Before Meeting Your Parents!

Tanya Puri, 06 Jan 2017

“So, you’re ready to meet my parents?” The one question that would cause the  man in your life to be drawn to a massive sinkhole of stress but on the outside of it pat comes a smile and an “Of course, darling.” (Things we all do for love!) 

Think Robert De Niro as a suspicious father from the classic movie ‘Meet The Parents’ and Ben Stiller as the horrified son-in-law who has no idea why is he subjected to the torture! Well, if you think that is the stuff of only the movies, you my friend, are highly mistaken. 

So, what really is your man thinking while sitting with your family? While it may be a petrifying feeling for him, reading about it will surely leave you in splits!

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The Introduction

What He Thinks: Give a firm handshake to the father. He should know you’re not a puny little fellow. 

What He Does: *Shakes your father’s hand in the fastest, strongest and most vigorous manner possible* 

What He Gets: A weirded out father who doesn’t understand the enthusiasm of just shaking hands! 

On Seeing The Mother

What He Thinks: Whoa, if that’s how my girlfriend is going to look in 25 years, I’m so lucky! *Do not stare. Do not stare* 

What He Does: Politely hands over her favourite flowers and smiles at her.

What He Gets: A loving hug and brownie points as a prospective son-in-law! Yay! 

The Never-Ending Family Tree

What He Thinks: Oh God, is Sunny the name of her cousin or her dog? I really need to learn to pay attention.

What He Does: Ask whether they’ll come to meet him before the marriage, because he would looove to!  (Even if a cousin or a dog, the question is a smart save!)

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What He Gets: The father giving a list of all important family numbers in different time zones to call the next day. (Oh, what a Sunday it will be!)

Dining Table Conversation

What He Thinks: You aren’t making enough eye contact. No, now it’s too much, too scary. Ugh, don’t look at anyone. Stare at your plate of food. 

What He Does: Laugh at everything. (No brain power to devote to this conversation anymore.)

What He Gets: A strong nudge under the table from the girlfriend who insists on washing his face and coming back for the coveted round two! 

THE Shaadi Talk

What He Thinks: HAHAHA, get married to a tree first to remove all evil. The family is so funny! … Why isn't anyone else laughing? Shit, are they serious!?

What He Does: Stare at the family pundit who is fervently suggesting dates for the ceremony. *Sad music plays in the background* 

What He Gets: The daughter’s hand in his! Phew!

Post the hard-hitting ‘meet the parents’ session of awkward smiles and conversation, while the man is in a state of a temporary trauma, all he’ll really say to you is “Your parents seem really nice by the way.” Girls, there is a code-word to it. There always IS! 

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How did YOUR man feel when he met your parents? Tell us in the comments!

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