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5 Stylish Ways to Wear Sarees this Summer

Surbhi Gupta, 20 Jun 2018

Aren't we all bound to have a certain number of sarees in our bridal trousseau which (most of the time) remains dumped in our closets? Ladies! It's time to dust off those sarees sacredly lying untouched in your wardrobes and take them out for a ride. We are spinning out five trending chic ways you can wear them this summer without looking one bit OTT:

1. Experiment with the Blouse

Ditch that plain jane blouse and embrace something more modernized. An off-shoulder or cold shoulder blouse is big this season with the Bollywood's whose who spotted wearing them. Other styles that you can try are blouses with bell bottom sleeves, corsets or spaghetti straps. They look very stylish with any kind of saree, no matter yours or your grandmoms.

You can even mix the two styles and get an off-shoulder blouse with bell bottom sleeves. We have found a similar saree for you at Bharatsthali.

2. Belt it up!

Thanks to our very own desi designers for making this trend HUGE at international runways. Not only is it a waist definer but also gives the traditional sarees a westernized look. 

3. Drape it differently

Honestly, there are almost infinite ways of draping a saree. The real versatility of this garment lies in the fact that you can drape it differently each time you wear it. 

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And, here it is, every element we are talking about in one picture. An off shoulder blouse, a belt, and a saree draped oh! So differently. Loving the aesthetics here!

4. Ditch the aunty style petticoat and wear those 9 yards over a pant

We don't think that we have thanked the ace designer Anamika Khanna enough for rolling out this life-changing saree draping style. If you still haven't worn this style, go for it now. You can even wear them over a jumpsuit, a dhoti or high-waisted bell bottoms to add a punch of fun to your sarees. Another option is to further layer it with a jacket!

You can easily wear a richly hued saree with your high waist Zara pants!

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5. Shift them to your daily wear closet

What better way to use them, then bring them into your daily routine. Trust us, once you start wearing sarees every day, you will realize why our moms and grandmoms literally lived in them. They are still counted as one of the most comfortable wears on the block. Don't trust us, take inspiration from this celebrity who has been nailing it in sarees everywhere.

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How are you pepping up your saree style? Share your views in the comments below!