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5 Sharp Ways To Cut Down Your Wedding Costs

Sanchita Sehgal, 06 Dec 2017

If your favourite Sarabhai is Maya, cutting costs may not come artlessly to you. You like all the classy and lavish things and obviously, you dislike bargaining. As we all know, Indian weddings are all about doing the best and doing it often extraordinary. We Indians love spending on everything and shaadi comes at the first priority, but then sometimes we have to control on unimportant things. So, here we at Shaadisaga, give you certain ideas that will be wallet-friendly without making you look like a penny pincher.

1. Ditch November, December & February

We know how amazing it is to have a winter wedding when the weather is just so awesome for sundowner parties. But you should also remember these are the months of heavy saya, so whether it's decor, food, bands or the venue, you have to flush out more money during these months. Try selecting an offseason date which will actually do wonders on your budget.

2. Pop it for Party Makeup

After decorators, the makeup artists are earning handsomely on weddings. If it's your cocktail or sangeet, and you don't prefer heavy makeup, just tell your makeup artist you want to go for party makeup packages. They are way cheaper are will provide that required pop.

3. Drinks on you

Always look out for the venue that allows you to bring in your own booze, this will help you to save a lot at your wedding. Usually, farmhouses and five-star hotels charge double per bottle, if you arrange your drinks there will be certain corkage fees which will be much less than original rates given by the venue.

4. Choose city-run wedding over destination wedding

There’s a reason people have their weddings in their hometowns and especially if you have jack at the defence grounds or a good banquet – they’re mind-boggling cheaper. If you go to a destination wedding venue, you will end up splurging an awful lot of money for an evening of elegance. Putting up people and flying them down and entertaining them burns a hole in one's pocket and mind too, unless you have superb financial resources.

5. Bring in your talented friends to offer their valuable services (You know what I mean)

A smart and a pocket-friendly way of getting the things done is your friends and what are friends for. In your circle, there must be someone who is at par in organising things- give them the duty of organising a certain part of the wedding, ask your jugaadu friend for getting a cheap DJ.

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Where else can you cut extra costs? Let us know in the comments below!