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5 Less-explored Summer Honeymoon Destinations (Beyond Europe & Asian Countries)

Sanchita Sehgal, 24 Jun 2018

 As soon as the wedding gets fixed, the first thing that pops up in bride's mind is how her honeymoon would be—some unique and far-away spot, those scenic candlelight dinners and butterfly romance. The brainstorming part is choosing the right honeymoon destination for yourself as per you and your partner's choices. Well, Europe and Asian countries for the honeymoon is quite last season now, we discovered some less-explored destinations that you might want to consider.

Brides, if this is what you were looking out for, take a dig and make a note of it.


Believed to be as one of the most romantic and scenic destinations on the planet and one of the most distinctive and unexplored honeymoon destinations for summers. So if you are having a summer wedding, this would be the place for a honeymoon, as the apt time to visit Fiji is the summer months till August, when the day and night both are pretty enjoyable and pleasing. It would be truly conventional for couples who want to spend some quality us time and feel like you are the only two in the universe. You will be surely be inhaling vitamin sea and get your hands on their must recommended Yaqona that is basically a kahva. Couples can opt for private island candlelight dinners and lunches, couple spa treatments, fishing experiences, and scuba diving excursions.

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This place is complete paradise for couples who are looking for an adventure trip. One of the rock-bottom countries in South America with delicious Limu Cuisine & super affordable stay.  It comprises the best nightlife, restaurants, and retail therapy. Lima, the splendid city in Peru has the once in a lifetime experience of Paragliding You can travel over from rainbow mountains to snow-sprinkled mountains,  surfing through northern beaches and colonial architecture. Do make a trip to grand remains of Machu Picchu or get lost down Cusco’s cobblestone streets. May- June- July is a heads-up time to visit Peru, especially if you have any plans to hike to Machu Picchu. (You need to get your slot booked a few days before)

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The honeymoon is all about romance and Istanbul dribbles with unforgettable memories and making your honeymoon lovey-dovey. This city has plenty of views from which couples can cherish. Open terrace cafes are the must to visit and blend with the scenery. Istanbul’s historic city’s streets, shops will seize the senses for newlyweds.  Make a list of going places and these places should top the charts: hamams, bazaars, for Antalya for beautiful beaches and natural beauty.

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If you are a couple who is looking out for a cocktail of desert landscapes, barren valleys & romantic getaways, Jordan is definitely for you both. We assure that you get an abundance of everything and have a time of your life. The best things to invade is Snorkeling and scuba diving in Aqaba, Glamping in Wadi Rum, Hiking through Dana Biosphere Reserve. Do pay a visit to Amman, they have Insta-worthy nightclubs, sheesha lounges, and lovely terrace cafes. Snapchats and Instagram stories floods are on its way.

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Run through a mob of zebra, elephants, and giraffes with an excursion from Nairobi to the Masai Mara. This is a completely extraordinary terrain for couples who are fond of wildlife and hatke trips for their first trip after marriage. Isn’t this thrilling to move beyond the beach and romantic getaways and grip through the wild side of yourself.  Swanky accommodation options range from basic campsites, where couples can snuggle up in a platform tent, to luxurious safari lodges with comforts like plunge pools and wine cellars.

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Where are you heading for your perfect honeymoon?