5 Helpful Pieces Of Advice From A New Bride

Sanchita Sehgal, 10 Jan 2018

Shaadisaga loves it when real brides give us a super worthy advice - after all, who would be a person to help you pass through the madness and the stress that brides go through during weddings. You can make a plan when you get some real advice from the bride who knows the value of small things that happen during all the plannings.

That's why we've got you one of our most-liked real brides, Sanchita to give you some practical bits of advice that can get you ease your work and pace up to focus on yourself before your wedding.

Make a list of People to be Photographed

We often have this notion that our best friends and immediate family will always be nearby and hence will be easily accessible by the photographers. But the reality is, there are a hell lot of people at the wedding and your family and friends have to attend each and everyone over there. Make a nice catch by giving him a list in advance and all your problems are pretty much sorted.

Mehndi Dilemmas

I wish someone told me that earlier, I should call my photographer when 50% of my Mehndi is complete. He was only there for about 3 hours and had to leave to click the function pictures and thus my Mehndi putting pictures are not that attractive. The most vital thing- always put your Mehndi before the Mehndi function, so that you would relish the function with your family and friends.

Ensure your stomach is full and you enjoy your functions

It's the super big day of your life. Make sure that you enjoy the functions and most importantly set yourself free and have as much booze and drinks you want. Some brides usually in the fit of excitement or sometimes nervousness forgets to go with the flow, just don't be that type of a bride.

Never ever go anywhere when you are in your periods

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We give you one more reason to relax on the most dreaded time of the month. Whether you are deciding your decor, jewellery or any other work relating to your wedding, just avoid going when you are chumming. Periods cannot only give you extreme mood swings but also leads to bloating, which will be a hindrance while putting together your wedding. Obviously, say Hi to weird measurements then! Just relax at that time of the month with a good romantic movie.

Always carry the fabric swatch

Convince your lehenga shop person to give you a fabric swatch of the color your wedding outfit is. You might want to buy jewellery, other wedding accessories or sometimes the color coordination thing with the groom. So, to avoid any further delays in your wedding work keep this thing handy.

Were these helpful for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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