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5 Gifts For Your BFF At Her Wedding You Can't Go Wrong With!

Simran Keswani , 04 Feb 2018

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Have an upcoming wedding but stuck on what to gift the bride? Of course, nothing says “I know you enough” like a considerate and a thoughtful gift. But with a plethora of options, the decisions can be downright difficult. Luckily, we are always around to help.

Here’s curating down a list of gift that will bring more happiness to the happy bride:

#1 Travel jewellery Kit: Keep the baubles safe and sound!

Indian wedding brings along a huge trousseau full of jewellery which she is bound to carry for her after wedding festivities and honeymoon. To ensure all her baubles stay safe and sound while she is on the jet, a travel jewellery kit would be one thoughtful item to gift.

#2 Foot Spa Kit: Get rid of the high heel hangover

Wedding functions are happily painful for the pretty toes of brides. Usually, the brides go all Beyonce while dancing the night out in those high heels until the next day when their feet cry for help. While the wedding festivities leaves no time for salon visits, a nice foot spa kit at home would help the bride to get over the heel hangover and perk away the ache.

#3 Travel Voucher: For The Jet Setter Bride! 

Nothing says “I am your BFF and so happy for you“ like sponsoring your bride-to-be bestie for a trip with her boo. No, we are not asking you to organise their honeymoon! Gifting out travel vouchers for a romantic weekend getaway or a date would be a considerate gesture that the couple would remember for a lifetime.

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#4 NEFT: Leaves no space for disappointment!

As much as you are enthusiastic about making a perfect gift choice for the bride, you also want to ensure that you don’t mess up especially when you are not sure about their taste. Keep the experiment at bay and head out for NEFT for the rescue. This more than anything is definitely never going to disappoint the bride.

#5 Designer Dress: For Post Wedding Festivities!

Whether it’s a small intimate dinner or a grand party for the newlyweds, one thing a bride CANNOT go wrong with is her outfit. So, while the bride is busy deciding her flawless wedding ensemble, save her the trouble of picking outfits for post-wedding parties.

Gift shopping sorted? Tell us in the comments.

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